Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a New Do

This past weekend we were at Bob and Joan's for Owen's (Alesha's little guy) 1st Birthday party. And since Brandon and Laura were there, we hit Laura up for Grady's "real" 1st haircut. He actually had his 1st cut back in December. I took him to Cam at the salon where I work, but he really didn't cut off too much. a lot of his hair was still filling in. But Check out that mop-top above!
This one shows it even better. I have let it go for WAY too long. I am used to little girls who only need to be cut a couple times a year. Not a boy who is going to require a cut ever few weeks!
During....I thing I look like the one who needs a stinkin' haircut! Ugghh!
And After...So handsome! Thank you Laura! She has 3 little boys so she is A PRO at cutting squirmy-kiddo hair!
And a tickle fight Between Grady and Teagen. These too keep me on my toes all day but also keep me laughing!

BTW- I totally rocked it at work last night....made the salon $1500 in like 5 hours!!! My grade is amazing but I really had to work hard for it. Ohh, and I am so excited because they moved my meeting from Allendale to Spring Lake. Much better!!! Its going to be a GREAT WEEK. I can feel it!


rachael said...

Grady's hair is so cute, I love it!
I've been thinking about getting Reid's cut too, I went to Clippers on Monday but they were closed.
I just can't beleive how much older Grady looks now!

Shelly said...

hair cuts always make little boys look like big boys, to darn cute, congrats on work, you must have been selling your butt off.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

He looks so much older in the post-haircut pictures and even more like his dad!! What a cutie. Congrats on the good week at work :)