Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Dreaming

This is a bit of dangerous ground for me. 1154 lill studios website is so addictive, and I really want a new bag for spring. These are 2 bags I designed today. I actually have one like the top one (with diferent fabric) for winter,that I had made with a gift certificate from Rachael and my parents. It is the best purse I have ever owned. And I have a few(LOTS) purses. Im thinking I might like the top one better if I make the strap light blue like the flower. Its super easy to design a bag on their sight, just really hard to decide on fabric! Maybe Jason will let me get one with that rebate check the government is sending us in May! (doubt it!!) Well, a girl can dream....


Jodi said...

(Kristin's sister)
Yes, it is public knowledge now that I check up on you and your life. I just HAVE to comment on your designs...I have the ANDI bag featured on top and LOVE IT! I designed one in another style and ended up hating it. I thought I was done with that business but decided to try again, with Andi, and I fell in love! Apparently, I do not have to sell her to you. Great choice and great design!

Kristin said...

Lill purses are bad news. You have one, you have to have MANY more. It is very overwhelming all the options, but so worth it in the end. I love mine. I agree, you need a summer one.
Great purses and designs!!!