Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Morning

Oh my. The craziness that is Easter morning. The Easter Bunny went through a lot of effort to scale back this year. The girls each got a Littlest Petshop VIP and a tube of petshops and then just a couple a various small toys and candy. Grady got a little wagon w/sand toys of his very own. In years past, the bunny had gone WAY overboard and it was just insane. Now I think the bunny sees that a little can go a long way and filling 3 baskets is a lot of work and $$. I hope the bunny sees that our kids were VERY happy and VERY grateful for what they got. I even heard "this is the best Easter ever!" more than once.
Grady diggin' in. He's naked because he filled his pants a bit too much while playing in his crib that morning and the pjs were no longer wearable.
Teagen always needs sunglasses. The Bunny must have known. Her eyes are very sensitive. Love the cat ears. She slept in them.
The girls each got a little golden book( my favorite). I felt I needed a little help giving them a rate "G" version of why we celebrate Easter. Not too scary and focuses on the beauty of the events. Strongly recommend ALL Little Golden Books! Plus they are very collectible and some are worth a lot of $$ no matter what kind of condition they are in.
I love this shot because it really show the craziness of the morning. And why do the dogs feel like they need to be in the middle of the whole thing?
Later we were at my parents with the entire Flanders family. Had another egg hunt. Indoors. Good times. Love letting the kids all play together. Even if Rachael was 2 hours late. Summer spent 30 minutes looking out the window, waiting for Kennedy to get there. Don't worry Rachael, to make her feel better,I told her that they could now sleep over at your house for 3 nights. thought you wouldn't mind.


rachael said...

Oh you are sooo mean! I was not 2 hours late...only 45 minutes! It's so hard to get out of the house with the kids on time. I know you understand because we used to have to tell you an earlier time to meet us just so you wouldn't be late. So just stat doing that for me so I don't feel so bad:) And as for the 3 days of sleepovers...the only time I am going to spend 3 days and nights with ALL of our kids is when Aunt Julie is there to help!

Shelly said...

sounds like you had a great Easter, great pictures.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I think the dogs are wondering where their baskets are? Wonderful pictures, you can just see all the excitment!! It sounds like everyone had a great Easter weekend.