Thursday, March 20, 2008

As if there wasn't enought living things in this house...

Jason told Summer she could get a fish. We have done the goldfish thing about 10 times(seriously) and everyone knows how that turns out. But I keep hearing people say that Bettas live a lot longer. So here we go. Maybe he will be easier to secretly replace than a goldfish with a tiny black mustache. That didn't work out so well (who would expect a 3 yr old to notice? I told her it was dirt and finally washed off. She never did buy that story) Anyway, I don't see how its any ones fish but MINE since I feed it and I clean the smelly bowl. Nice of Jason to volunteer ME for it. So he needed a name. Due to the enormous amount of heartbreak that follows losing any type of pet in this house(we did lose 2 cats in 2 years) we try to find funny names that seem to somehow make it easier( like, a fish named "Floater" doesn't seem to require a funeral but "Little Sweetie" might)Which is why we allowed a 3 yr old Summer to name our current cat, Bling-Bling. I never guessed she would last this long.
So here is how everyones vote went:
Jason- "Sushi"
Jenn-"Fillet" (Phil for short)
Summer-"Swimmie" Or "Finn"
Then I changed my vote to Kevin because it is AWESOME. Then Teagen began yelling "SUSHI!!" all around the house, so I think her vote changed. Poor Summer didn't know what to do. The next day Grandpa Mark suggested Roofus and she liked that a lot too. I was still rooting for Kevin when she finally decided on Finn. Which is funny because I really liked the name Finley for her when I was pregnant.
So Welcome Finn Dude. Hope Bling doesn't eat ya.


Lori said...

what a beautiful addition to your growing family Congrats (and good luck)! :)

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I am cracking up at the picture of the cat starring down at Finn. You can almost hear what he is thinking! We tried the whole fish thing a few years ago when Aunt Lori decided to get Kendall a fish tank for her birthday. Damn things kept dying on us to. One morning I came down in the morning to find our latest fish floating at the top of the tank and said "Oh shit he died." Kendall went to preschool that day and told her teacher "My fish Shitty (shit he)died today." That was not easy to explain to the teacher (especially because I could'nt stop laughing) Opps!

Anonymous said...

I like the name Floater...great name for a fish, especially one with a small life span! Sushi is a great one too....that's exactly what Bling is thinking!

Welcome home Finn!

Julie said...

What a crack up. I didn't know your history with fish...good luck little Finn Dude. L & K have a friend with a goldfish who just won't die and the fish has really creepy eyes, so it alreadylooks dead.
Oh, and hey great purses, I like the first one with the green handle. I take one of those.

Shelly said...

good luck, I also have not had good luck with fish, but our last fish we had for like a year he kept growing and growing until one day he just layed there floating. I think I was the most sad, after that we just gave up. awesome picture of the cat checking the fish out.