Monday, March 17, 2008

Now we're movin'

Since this guy was such a late walker, he has not had a lot of opportunity to pratice except at home and at the Omni. So with our warm-er (really not warm at all) weather, I decided that he would be joining me on my walks to get Sum off the bus. Good pratice. He totallly crashed like 4 times. You know how little kids just keep going faster and faster and then its like, Wham! Faceplant, and you totally saw it coming but wern't fast enough to catch 'em. Good thing he's got that puffy coat, it keeps his face off the sidewalk!

Summer was so proud to have her Sister and her Bro waiting for her at the bus stop. Then she could show them off to her friends. Such a funny bunch. It will be nice when I can take pics of the kids outside other than when we are walking down the sidewalk. Summer and Teagen have been spending time in the backyard but I stay in with Grady.
Its gonna be a busy week. I work 3 days and have a meeting in Allendale on Weds. Parent/teacher conferences are Thursday and Summer will be home from school for part of that. Jason's Birthday is Saturday and of course Sunday is Easter. And I think I will have Leighton starting again this week. Whew....I'm overwhelmed just writing it all.
Today is St. Patty's day. I will celebrate by going against dress code at work and wear a green tank under my work shirt! (I know, so bad!) But actually we have a big sale and I am hoping to make some BIG $$ or at least get my "grade" out of the toilet. Yes, I am graded at work. Its crazy. Its based on per person sales averages. I am currently BA (below average) I am usually AA (yep, above average) and actually had the highest average in all the greater Muskegon salons for several week until about 2 weeks ago when people stopped buying stuff. But whatever, its just a silly job. They try to make it seem SO important. They have no idea whats really important in this world. But I guess me making them lots of $$$ IS important to them. OK, enough of my tirade, I need to step back and look at the big picture, and its looking pretty good. Not like I'll work at a tanning salon the rest of my life. Just for now so I can be home with my kids. I'm still working on whatever come next. I'm sure it will be interesting.


Julie said...

Hi Jennie,
I remember the days when the kids were banging their foreheads...the joys of new walkers. I bet Teagen & Grady love meeting Summer at the end of the day.
Remember, for busy day at a time, that way it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

Shelly said...

great pictures of him walking, thanks for sharing.