Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am trying, really. We have made some pretty big changes (for us) for environmental reason. We stopped our newspaper and only read it online. I try not to buy bottled water anymore. We stink at recycling everything except pop and beer cans. I hate to admit it, but we are too busy. So I have to say how excited I was that local stores started offering reusable shopping bags for $1! Meijer bags are the best(but I did spot some cool ones at Target and my friend Melissa has a Whole Foods bag that is the coolest!). We get a flippin' TON of bags and they make me crazy. And I hate driving by the landfill in Coopersville and seeing the fence plastered with them. So we bought a bunch of bags. Before you applaud the effort, let me tell ya that we forgot them on the first 3 shopping trips after the purchase. Duh. Last week I remembered! Woot! And I was so pleased with myself, even going to Walmart with my Meijer bags, and at 11pm no less! So after an hour of one of my most disgusting shopping experiences ever(some creepy guy was continuously making a very loud vomiting-cough-gag sound that echoed through the whole store, but that was a story in itself) I go to check out and hand the guy my bags for filling. Oh and he was a chatty one. First saying how he cant believe how anyone can pay a dollar for a bag when you can get plastic ones for free. I am trying to not sound preachy and just explain that I have a big family and buy a lot of groceries and want to keep a few extra bags out of the landfill. Plus I like the bags.I realize that with my heaping full cart that I will not have enough bags but ask that he fills them up full. he literally puts like 4 things in each of my bags, and even puts a few things in plastic bags and then puts them in my bags. We are still having this conversation about waste and all that, and once he runs out of my bags he starts filling plastic bags and then DOUBLE BAGS everything. I start removing the extra bags as he explains that he really likes to double bag and even sometimes triple bags everything. I explain AGAIN I am trying to cut back on bags. He will not listen. I gave up. I went home with more bags than I ever have before. I took him to be "normal" but I'm thinking he could have been stoned. I'm leaving the shopping to Jason this week.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I guess its the tought that counts.

Shelly said...

I did not even know that Meijers had the bags thats awesome. I guess the guy just didn't get it, some people..

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Well I guess you get an A for effort. LOL :)Seriously where do they find some of them people? I will have to check out them bags, I seen them but wondered if they held a decent amount. I do try to reuse all the plastic bags I get for garbage or cleaning the litter box though.