Monday, June 1, 2009

Keeping busy

With last week being a rainy loser of a week, Teagen was really into stretching her creative muscles. I was pretty occupied with getting some things together for a yard sale, so I set Tea up in my studio with some fun stuff... Fashion Plates! The barbie version. I loved fashion plates as a little girl.

I love that Teagen can hold a crayon properly at 4 years old. Especially without daycare or any schooling yet. Summer didn't catch onto that until she was 5. Teagen has amazing fine motor skills:)

It kept her busy for 2 hours while Grady napped and I gathered toys and baby stuff for the sale.
Love that kind of entertainment:)

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Jodi said...

I loved fashion plates, too! Okay, so right now I am wishing for a girl...maybe the TenBrinkman girls will come over to play...;)

Thanks for a fun friday evening. I felt like I accomplished something and even wanted to work some more yesterday. I decided to get the house in order in exchange for a lazy evening later in the week...