Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like

I like out-of-the-blue drives to the shore.

I like getting a glimpse as to how big our world is.

I like to try to jump over waves.

I like being the only ones there.

I like little kids in sunglasses.

I like sandy feet(and everything else!)

I like sunshine that comes and goes.

I like the smell of sunscreen, bonfires and BBQ.

I like birthday cakes made by kids covered with all their favorite candies.

I like spending time with family, talking into the wee hours about nothing and everything around a BIG fire.
I like little kids who do their best to stay awake with the adults. And then need their sleepy bodies carried to the car and then to their beds once home.

I like long summer days.
I like being able to escape into air conditioning when it gets to be too much.
I like sleeping with a fan blowing on me all night.

I like to see the storms roll in. But not so much when sitting on the pier with Jason, when after seeing a lightning strike, you hair begins to stand up on end from all the electricity in the air. Yikes.

I like spending a rare day alone with with Jason, wandering about.
I like that he's willing to try new things with me like Ahi Tuna. When I met this man, he charred the life out of everything he ate.
I like old friends that once back together again, its like no time has past.

I like gangley little girls who swim until their eyes get puffy and red.

I like my crazy fun-lovin Dad.

I like seeing my my extended family and never want days like that to end. They are far and too few between.

I like fun-filled, action packed, easy-going lovely summer weekends.


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

I like this post and I love the beautiful pictures!
great post, jenn!
Happy Summer : )

Kristin said...

I too like this post and YOU!!! Great post, again:)!

hien k. d. said...

love this post, Jennie! brightened up my day thinking about all these wonderful things...life is good. :)

Mandy said...


Shelly said...

beautiful post, totally warmed my heart.

Jodi said...

I'm with all these ladies. I had to take a deep breath and sigh...what a wonderful way to remember a point of time. and knowing it will come around again and again}

And I am lovin' the pic of Rocky with Elmo. A scrapbook page waiting to happen.

Lea said...

DITTO to everything in here!!
WOnderful post!!

Theresa said...

I also agree with all the comments above. You always have a way of saying the right things...I LOVE the pictures...Rocky and Elmo...I agree...a scrapbook page is coming!!! funny thing...I did that with a spiderman one just like that on Sunday!!! LOL

I love being the only on at the lake too!!! so peaceful, even with kids screaming and having a blast!!! it's the best!

great post Jennie!

vtpuggirl said...

Great post! I love escaping the summer heat into the air conditioning too!