Thursday, June 11, 2009

The rain has been good for something...

The flowers look incredible.

These are a perennial the Jason and I put in like 8 years ago. They are a type of geranium and spread like wildfire. Which is good since they are planted with the ivy that is probably 100 years old.
And speaking of our fabulous hearty ivy, I have to say that it was a tough winter and I was scared by what I saw this spring:

Lots of dead and bear stuff. A neighbor even commented on it! That ivy is a big part of our landscaping.

But even if it doesn't look perfect, it is coming back, and will eventually be fine. I wonder if we cut it back too far last year or pruned too late in the season. I really have no clue.

These planters immediately had me falling in love with this house on that rainy Saturday 10 years ago. Not that there was anything remarkable about what was in them. The only original plants still here are the ivy, lily of the valley in the back yard, and a sad little holly bush. We've done a lot, and it has mostly been Jason. I've been a bit busy with babies the past few years:)
baby Sunflowers making their way.

The Rhododendron that survived the 8 feet of snow. Her sister is in ICU. Prognosis is bad. I actually think these are kind ugly, aside from really nice BIG blooms. When they get big, they are all narley and weird.

my little hoser.

I have the urge to plant fresh herbs. Jason laughed at me when I told him. He's right, but I think I am still going to do it. If I can find a spot without sunflower already planted there.


Mandy said...

Looks great! Your sunflowers look like ours, so we must have done something right! hahaha....oh and your little hoser is pretty darn cute too!

Kristin said...

Love the little hoser.

Funny story about sister had one that she killed and threw in the garbage...because I am a garbabge digger, I took it out and brought it home. Needless to say, I think the thing has tripled in size and looks pretty good. They do get a little crazy looking with time. Ask Jodi about it sometime...she loves the story:)!

Good luck with herbs. I usually do the same, not this year..too crazy..not enough hours in the day, but they are very easy to grow.

Jodi said...

haha...I was just going to share that same story...I say PULL THE PLUG..don't pay for ICU care. Apparently, some things DO come back from the dead.

Lea said...

OH..are you supposed to trim/prun ivy?? I've never done it with mine - oops!'s growing like MAD so I guess it's ok.
I shared my growth of things on my blog and see you too are in the growing spirit! Yeah for the abundance of rain lately...less watering for me!

Kim :) said...

We planted a vegetable garden this year with a few herbs. Of course this is our first year and we bought most of the herbs as plants, but we have some good growth. I think one of them is dead, but the rest are nice...lots of cilantro. Now I just gotta find something to do with it :)

We did eat our first garden strawberry today :)