Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's getting warmer

Here's one I bet you never heard before...
Wow, what a busy weekend!!!
Am I right?
Well, anyway...Friday was crazy with hair appointments and friend fun, and dinner out with my Girls up in Shelby to celebrate Theresa's B-Day. Good stuff, but I was without camera, so just imagine too much fried food, insane giggling, a twisted knee, and 1 lemon drop too many.

Saturday I was up early to head to my inlaws where a yard sale was underway. We did alright. not much work for $80 and a lot less crap in my house.
After the sale, Jason arrived with the kids and we packed up and drove around to give them all a much needed nap.
And ended up at Dog and Suds for a $35 dinner.
Yeah, $35 at a hot dog joint.
There goes half the yard sale earnings. The only shot at the criminally expensive restaurant. My 3 monsters in a phone booth.

Then it was too my Dad's to help raise the dock that has been close to being underwater with all the rain.
My Teagen girl...

Mr. Reid.

Don't these guys look like cranberry farmers?
Especially Gary. Like he's doing an Ocean Spray commercial.

The boys.
No lie, they were discussing in a two-year-old manner the finer art of "who tooted?"
Reid admitted that it was him.
Then it was off on an adventure to help Grandpa let his friend's dog out.

Reid is running to catch up because he had taken a pit stop to pee in the lake.
I love Reid.
I am scared being the mama of a boy.
I just don't get it.

My sweet angel who NEVER does anything remotely disgusting.
He wants to climb on this boat.

A baby turtle we found. Grady picked it up. Until it poked its head and legs out and he totally freaked! I think Grady thought it was a rock.

Oh and I found millions of these guys.
When you get past staring at my freaky hand, look how tiny that thing is!

Here he is with a normal sized toad. my Dad was a bit concerned that the big one would eat the little one.
But it was all OK.

Oh and they swam. Weirdos. It was like 8:30 at night.

My Summer love....

And I leave with a shot of my Favorite Boys.
Awe, melts my heart.


Mya said...

So you fell at dinner huh. Too many el drinko's!! I am so bummed I missed it.
Looks like you guys had a great weekend at your papa's. I can't wait to have a play date there. It will be so much fun.
Love all the pictures too.
Thought Jay was going to shave thy face.? Adorable picture for sure of the boyz.

vtpuggirl said...

Love the photos, the baby turtle is really cool! Hope you are on the mend.

Mandy said...

Great pictures....what bout the beard??? He is still hoping there is a game 8 and 9??

Jodi said...


There was too much info to comment on...whew!

LOVE the Ocean Spray pics! And Reid definitely has his daddy's eyes...gorgeous! Also LOVE the pic of Grady and Jason, but am wondering what's up, like everyone else! Did he miss the game?

I enjoyed the story of the turtle and, well, ENJOY isn't the word I'd use for the toot story...more like RELATE!


Lea said...

I have to say..being the mom of two boys, I'm just the opposite..I'm afraid to be the mom of a girl! I grew up being the only girl on both sides of my family - so I get the "peeing in the lake" type stuff. I don't get tea partys, baby dolls and sorts. HA HA! Guess I have lots of resources to turn to if it ever happens! HA HA
Wonderful pics and what wonderful memories you're building.

Kristin said...

I love this post. I am glad that you had a fun filled, eventful weekend. Love all the pictures, can not believe how much Teagen looks like her Mommy...love the picture of the boys...love the kids playing having a great time...love Ocean Spray wanna be's...love the toads and the freakish hand...and everything else I may have forgot to mention:)!