Monday, May 25, 2009

I adore these kind of days...

You the ones where there is something you want to and nothing you have to do. Yeah that was pretty much our entire weekend. I enjoy it, because much of our summer is not going to be that way.
Today, the parade down the street...
our favorite spot.
And my favorite for photos.

I always have to wear sunglasses to this parade because without fail my eyes water at the sight of the Vets and marching bands. I mean the Big Reds are some serious talent, and I never was much of a band girl. Considering the size of our community, it really is a nice parade and a great chance to catch up with neighbors after the horrendous winter.

Grady's second balloon. He had such a fit after the 1st one flew off, that some sweet lady crossed the street just to give him a new one.

And speaking of balloons, Teagen wouldn't take one either time it was offered to her. The thought of losing it was more than she could bear and just decided it wasn't worth it. This simple act really just sums Teagen up. A very cautious girl I've got here.
I find myself really wishing that school just ran from Labor Day to Memorial Day. It seems wrong that Summer has to go back tomorrow.
Just two more weeks, I supose we'll live:)


Kristin said...

At least she knows the thought of loosing it is too much. She knows her limits!!!

Great pictures and I am glad you had a wonderful "nothing" weekend! They really are the best!!!

Jodi said...

Is this garage door unusually small or what's the deal? The windows seem sooo low. Do love, do love.

I get the shades and tears thing. Caleb and Andrew had a red, white and blue assembly last week and I cannot tell you how many tears I shed during it. Whew!! The whole hero thing tugs at my heartstrings!

hien k. d. said...

i love these pictures, Jennie! :)