Sunday, June 22, 2008

So here is kinda how a typical day begins for me. I get up, make coffee, make breakfast for the kiddos and while they eat, I get on the computer. Check email and blogs. Sometimes I have a little extra time to "go exploring". At some point I stumbled upon this one. Scroll to the bottom to link to the begining. Yes another sad story. But a totally different take on it. He is real. I think he is angry. I know I would be. But what draws us to these stories of tragedy? Is it like passing a horrible accident on the highway, thanking God it wasn't us? I think its the reminder of the fragility of the every day moments that are "normal" . I'd like to think I'm not just nosey. That I want to learn from someone elses pain and experiences. I think I want to run it through my head, how would I be? Could I handle that kind of horror? Would I just curl up and die if something happened to Jason or one of our children? Even forgetting that I have already been through the unimaginable. But that doesn't make me immune to tragedy. So I read others peoples experiences. If you have time, check out the link above and read his amazing story. Language a bit harsh, but real. I certainly don't blame him. Plus, he loves robots. And robots are very cool;)

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Shelly said...

Oh my gosh I have been reading his blog and looking through his pictures, what a sad story, I do the same thing when I hear of terrible things I ask myself what would I do, kinda I guess in a way prepare myself somehow I still believe that these terrible things will not happen if I feel prepared... Thanks for linking his blog.