Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 minutes

2 days ago Summer handed this to Jason when he got home from work. I'll translate:
Summer 08
Dear Diary
My little sister Teagen has peed in my bed and took my wings and kicked me.
To Dad From Summer

I really wasn't a bad day but we did have a really bad 5 minutes. Like everything that was bad, all happened in 5 minutes. I was in a lousy mood because work is slow and she called and asked if I would just stay home that day. I was thinking I was needing to look for a new job if I can't even get 12 hours a week. So I'm stressin' at this point. Summer cant find Chase anywhere(what?) Teagen climbed up in Summer bunk and had an accident while playing. I am trying to pull off the sheets but they are trapped under the super duper bed rail and I hate getting up on the top bunk and I am sweating like a crazy person. The whole time thinking, where is that old dog? and this sucks... Summer runs up from the basement she found chase locked in the playroom(thanks Grady) and she peed on the floor(something she hasn't done in like 8 years) So my steam cleaner got a work out that afternoon. But the fairy wing fight and the Teagen kick to Summers face happen while I am trying to clean. I guess whats funny is that I kinda thought I was the only one "suffering" but according to Summers note, it was a tough afternoon on her too. Once Jason got settled in, Summer and I left the craziness and went to the mall. That is good medicine for a bad day.(especially when Bath and Body is having a sale!)


Shelly said...

I feel for you girl, I have a lot of those 5 minute days. Writing the note is something Mackenzie would do also, she write me notes all the time, sometimes good and sometimes bad, I really love the ones that say, "Mom I am very mad at you because you yelled at me. I will talk to you when I am not so mad, but I still love you" , Crazy kids, you should save it and give it to her when she is all grown up.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I can totally feel for ya Jenn, some days I feel like my whole day is full of nothing but them times when everything seems to happen at once! The dear diary letter is too cute =)