Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last Class Party

Whew, I'm a bit behind in posts! These are from Wednesday. The 1st 2nd and half of the the 3rd grade spent the day at a park near the beach. We meet them down there. Summer and her best friends Lauren and Ava. Ava lives on our block so thats wonderful to have a close-by friend. All the kids wore red Bluffton tees. It was a sea of racing red t-shirts!
Geez, I get a good shot of Jason and Grady has to look all goofy-faced.
Teagen had enought of the "mamaratizzi"
This pic doesnt really show it, but that play area was totally overloaded with kids.They were all pretty good. I only saw 1 bloody nose and that was a kid playing ball.
Great day to send off these kids. Needless to say, Summer slept like a rock that night!


Life in the Fast Lane said...

How fun that the whole family was able to go to the pinic! The pictures are so adorable. I love the one of Summer on the tire swing, true childhood joy!

Shelly said...

sound like it was a fun picnic, thats awesome that they do that for the kids. Hope you guys have a wonderful summer.