Monday, June 30, 2008

ItsThe Best Week Ever!

OK, so these pics are from last week, but whatever. This week is the best week ever! Jason took vacation for the whole week. Summer and Jason are really into making lists. Lists of all the super-fun stuff they MUST do. They made one for the entire summer even deciding how many campfires we have to have. They made one for last spring break and Christmas break too. Well, this week is jammed packed. They picked something fun and special to do each day since last Friday. Friday we went to the beach again. Saturday we went to Papa Rocky's for swimming and a campfire(after the storm passed) Ian and Leif came out to say hi. We celebrated my Dads 59th(holy cow) birthday by getting him an ipod that he played with all night. Cindy made Texas Sheet Cake that was soooo good.
Sunday the list called for mini-golf. Daddy took Teagen and Summer while I stayed back for Grady's nap time. Summer scored 2 hole-in-ones!

Today, the girls are going with Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bob to John Ball Zoo. They are meeting up with more of the fam because Grandpa Mark is playing at "Jazz at the Zoo" today. How special! I am going to the concert in town tonight with Kel for our annual girls country music night at Summer Cel. I should have a very good time;)
Leighton is with us today.(by the way,this pic was way cuter in thumbnail version. Leighton has the weirdest look on his face!) So Grady will still have someone to play with once the girls leave. And Jason surprised us all with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for tomorrow and Wednesday!!! Only the albino Schultz family needs to visit an indoor water park in July! Ha! Donna is even taking Grady(I am starting to feel a little guilty about Grady missing so much of our fun week but this kid is Hell on wheels sometimes!)So it goes without saying that I am really looking forward to a short little getaway.
And if this post seems a little detail heavy, its because I am doing a mini album for "the best week ever" and my memory is not real good. OK, its terrible and I need to record some of the details. Just another reason to scrapbook,I guess!
I'll be back by Thursday!


Kristin said...

I hope you are still having the best week ever!

Did you have fun doing all of your stuff so far????

I have to say, that picture of you and Summer...FABULOUS!!!!

Take care and continue to have a wonderful week!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

We went to Great Wolf last winter and at the last minite decided to leave Parker home with his grandparents. I did not regret it for a second. Not that we didn't miss him but that place is so busy it took both Brian and I to just keep track of the girls. No matter how hard you try it is about impossible to keep track of them on that wooded ship thing!! Hope you guys had a great time and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Jodi said...

Great Wolf really is fun no matter what time of the year you go. Just think, no pesky bugs!! We took Kyle with us last March. (a year ago) The boys did a lot of their own stuff (Keith included) so It was easy to keep track of Kyle. He was only 1, and yes, a handful, but it was fun anyway. I take for granted that I can get a sitter for him. It really is so much easier to leave him home, but I have to remember he is part of my family and I want our memories to include him! This is his last free year at Michigan's Adventure so we have been venturing out with him. I even took him without Keith the first time. He has a ball every time. He is getting so big. I should save this for my own blog...not yours!