Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life's a Beach

For some reason, I have had it in my head that I cannot take all three of my kids out of the house by myself. I think it was trip to CiCi's Pizza and Target last year that put that thought in my head:)
Well, I am sick of feeling like a prisoner in my own home and both Grady and Teagen have grown up a bit and are less likely to throw a fit in public. I decided it was time for the beach. It only a minute away and worst case scenario, we can turn around and leave. We pick a fab spot between the piers where there were no waves and no people. We had an entire stretch of beach to ourselves.
And the kids were fantastic. So good so fun. We stayed for nearly 3 hours. We had to leave because I had to pee. It was gorgeous. Thought it would rain but it missed us.
Grady made it his mission to chase seagulls the entire time.
I think we have found our "thing" My goal is to go every week. I get so wrapped up in house stuff that i don't want to leave, but summer is so short. It MUST be a priority.
After all...this is where the memories come from.


Life in the Fast Lane said...

Sounds like a great summer day. We haven't been to the beach at all this summer. The weather has been so cool lately. I should load up the troops one of these days and meet you guys down there! =)

Kristin said...

It looks like so much fun. I can't believe that it is almost July, we still have not been swimming at my parents. What is that? Oh yeah, MICHIGAN!!!!

I completely understand the feeling of being trapped in your home. You go takes a lot to get me to that "point". It is a scary/stressful thing! Good job! Especially, once a week!

Jodi said...

Reading this, I thought of Kristin. She, too, feels that same way. Sometimes you just have to do it. I know it's easy to say...believe me. I only have to deal with one,really,and I decide to forego leaving the house many times in favor of safety. What's the fun in that? You are right is what memories are made of-sometimes the snags make really great stories later. :)

Shelly said...

The beach is one place we have not been yet this summer, my kids love it and this year should be much easier watching Hailey (I hope). I have never worried so much about taking all my kids places because I am so used to having more so when i just have my three it often seems much easier. I think it is great that you are venturing out with the gang.