Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mama's gotta brand new bag

And I love it! I have to admit that over the last few weeks I have been a bit worried that I made a rush decision and thought I wouldn't like it. But I am so happy. I think I will be hosting a 1154 Lill party every spring.
Father's Day at my Dad's. Great day. The kids lived in the water. Its getting warm. Lovin' the sunshine.Grady is a maniac on the beach. He is always trying to sneak out a little deeper. Got him a life jacket,but he has such a short torso, he couldn't sit while wearing it. We laughed so hard because he would just lay flat on his back on the beach like an overturned turtle!My Grandpa and my Dad. Jeez, are they dressed alike? I just noticed they are totally like the Khaki Crew. The kids kept them well entertained. My Grandpa stayed the weekend. They went to the casino. Golfing. good time.
Teagen,Kennedy and Summer. 3 little fishes.
Cindy made a fab dinner and I made ice cream pie for dessert.Jason and I even snuck out to test drive my Dads new 4-door Jeep. I LOVE IT. I took Jason 2-trackin' ;) A wonderful day to celebrate all the amazing fathers in our life. Jason is way more than I ever expected as a father for my favorite little people. I am so thankful for him.He got some new stuff for his Harley. And I think my Dad deserves some credit for raising us with out our Mom(with Cindy's help). Rachael got him some accesories for his new laptop and I got him a Netflix subscription. Rachael and I turned out pretty good(mostly) Even if we DID inherit some of his shopping addictions!


Life in the Fast Lane said...

Ok, I am seriously jelous that you have a private beach to use whenever you want!! Looks like it was a great fathers day.
And I love your purse, it turned out great! I cant wait to get mine, I will be in tonight to get it. =)

Jodi said...

What a great bag! No bad decisions made on your part. The part about Grady sneaking further and further out...sounds like Isaac. I had him on Father's Day at my sister in law's and he kept getting closer and closer to the dock-until he was in the middle of it!! Little sh*t! Gotta give em credit for having their own minds I guess!