Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa Rocky's

This is why we never go on vacations. What's the point? We can go here any time we want. I am considering "camping" at my Dads for a week this summer. I seriously cannot think of a better place to be.
I believe Calloway was licking Grady here, that's her back in the corner. Can you see all the sand on this kid? He is the dirtiest kid in town.
And here is the cleanest kid in town. Teagen just plays sweetly by herself, inventing little task she must do(like water everyones feet)
This is the only time Summer stopped moving. She is a water lover and is constantly jumping all over the place, throwing sticks for the dog, searching for stones and throwing them. She is such a busy girl.
Jason took them out for a little paddleboat ride. They love it but Summer couldn't wait to jump in the water again. My Dad wants to teach her to sail this year but I don't think he will get her out of the water!

But wow, what a good weekend. I am so happy to get summer time off to such a great start!


Shelly said...

these pictures get me really excited for summer time. what a nice way to spend the day..

Life, Love, and All the Craziness said...

I love the pictures! I take it your kids don't care how cold the water is!!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I so wish that someone in our family lived on a lake! What a great getaway so close to home, and you don't have to share it like public beaches! That lake is so beautiful.

Jodi said...

Calloway...I assume that is a name your DAD gave the dog...typical retired male! :)