Monday, May 19, 2008


I worked so hard on Friday! And I felt like garbage. I got Grady's cold and my head felt like it could pop. Motrin is my life saver. I had a house to clean and decorate, make a store run with the babies, and a cake that was nothing more than 2 rectangles!
So here is my cake version of a guitar. So it looks more like a violin or even a ukulele but I am pretty happy with the result.
The Hannah Montana tablescape. Missing from photo: Banner and tons of balloons. FYI- Great party theme. You can find cheap Hannah stuff anywhere! Even the dollar store. I likey that!
And the Party goers. These were some sweet girls. They totally included Teagen in everything. Very good friends!
Summer's friend Emma got her Twister Dance DVD Game. They had fun taking turns playing. Teagen even tried it and did good too. This will be tons of fun for the kids(maybe me too)

We met the grandparents Saturday at Summer's game. Then went for ice cream at the Frosty Oasis. Great day if you stayed in the sun. Later that day Summer and I went shopping and had a great time. Its been a while since her and I went and did something fun and alone. She impressed me with her shopping abilities. I was sure she would be whining but not at all. Even helping me shop for "boring stuff". She had a gift card for KB Toys and bought 2 Webkinz. When we got home, she decided to give one of them to Teagen. She amazes me every day with her kindness.


Life, Love, and All the Craziness said...

Love, love, LOVE the cake!! So so cool. You are the coolest Mom! Did you let them eat it? I wouldn't have, I would have said no way! It's too pretty! Sounds like your party was a hit!

Shelly said...

I love the cake, Kenzie would have loved that... It is so nice when they reach the age that you can actually take them shopping, I love taking just Kenzie but it does not happen very often. I also have that nasty head cold going on 2 weeks, hope you are feeling better...

Kristin said...

LOVE THE CAKE!!!! I am glad that you had such a wonderful weekend. Summer is one terrific kid! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jodi said...

LOVE THE CAKE! You did a fabulous job with it all and I give you extra kudos because of you being sick in the process! You go, girl!