Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I live in a zoo

Well, I don't actually live in the zoo, but I do often feel like I live with zoo animals.
So this weekend I screwed up. actually I screwed up several weeks ago but it became apparent Sunday afternoon. You see, we planned on doing the Meijer Garden thing Yesterday. We have gone every year since Summer could walk. She also goes with Gramma Donna a lot too because they live close and she often buys the annual pass. This is Summer's "thing". She loves everything about the experience.
So this is where I totally bombed. The butterflies were gone as of April 30th. I swear we always go in May but think I am just confused because the weather has been so cold and we always wait for it to get warmer. Luckily I got on the website and found out. But when we broke the news to Sum, she fell apart. She was devastated that she wouldn't see the African Moon Moth. (what?) Jason and I had one of those we-suck-as-parents moments, seeing that our child just wants to learn and we let her down.We suggested the Zoo as an alternative. We have never done the zoo, Summer had gone with Donna but didn't remember much. So after breakfast at "Ba-Bevins" (say it out loud and you'll get it) off we went.
I also have realized that my son should have a leash. And be wrapped in bubble wrap. And wear a helmet. And possibly a life jacket too. He is wild. He is exhausting. This was Grady's total favorite. The Big Fish. He also LOVED the Black Footed Cats, which I swear, are nothing more than regular Tabby house cats behind glass.
I liked the bears, but I didn't feel that there was adequate protection from them. You know, because I know all about bears and design zoos for a living... And an $8 camel ride. What I loved about this is that they are walked through the "woods" and not some sad,dusty, dirt path in a parking lot. However, after thinking about that, I realize that a camel probably feels more at home in the dirt and dust that in a forest. go figure.

I have a REALLY good picture of this but it is going sideways and I still haven't figured out how to turn my pictures for blogger.

****And if you are still reading....THANK YOU thank you,thank you for all the supportive comments,emails, phone calls and conversations about my horrible job. I think over time I got very used to the treatment and just dealt with it. You all helped me see the truth and I am so grateful for you. I am so excited to move on! more later on that...


Shelly said...

my kids love the zoo, although John is not very fond of it we usually go once a year, another great zoo to visit is Binder Zoo in Battle Creek you can feed the the giraffe's.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Was Summer okay with the alternative to the butterfly's? Is'nt it funny having a boy after 2 girls. My girls were active, don't get me wrong but not AS active and fearless as Parker. I remember always looking at parents who put there kids on the leashes and thinking "I could never do that" but now I think "look at that kid with that cute monkey backpack leash having fun walking around" as my kid is throwing a fit because he wants out of his stroller.LOL It's funny how parenthood changes your prospective on things! LOL =)