Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A summer sneak peak

Monday, Summer had a dentist appointment in the morning up in Whitehall.

Oh, shoot. I guess we'll have to spend the 70 degree day at my dad's.

I often have to remind myself that people pay BIG money to vacation places like this. We are so incredibly lucky.

My dad's dog, Callaway. She will not be dry again until November.

See what I mean?

The first times down at the lake are the best times for finding treasure.

Treasure hunting is Summer's favorite pastime.

Crazy animal.

Walking down to watch the carp roll.

The big, hideous, pale fish spawn this time every year year. They used to be all along the shoreline around the lake. Now they stay at one end where there is a bit more vegetation. Pretty fun to watch them.

Boat rides.

Crying when your turn is done.

Tractor rides.

More boat rides.

It should be no surprise that these two were completely soaked(swimming) by the time we made it back up to the house.

My Dad just got back from the World Show in Ocean City, MD where he swept the competition. My photo just doesn't do them justice, but they are simply stunning. I cannot recall exactly what his wins were, but know it included Best in Show, lots of 1st places for categories. I am so proud! They are just amazing! Hope to have more and better photos soon. we have plans for a photo shoot with them floating on the lake(part of the competition is that they actually have to float like a real duck!)
So what was going to be lunch at Papa's, turned into dinner with Grandma! When we finally left at 8pm on a school night, I found myself longing for summer vacation! Soon enough I guess.
Cannot wait for many more days like this one:)


Theresa said...

OH I cannot wait for summer too! I have the same luxury as you and have a Lake I can go to ALL summer long...and there is a bathroom and somewhere to lay the tired ones down for naps! It cannot come soon enough! I have SUMMER FEVER! Love the ducks...congrats on the wins Rocky!

Mandy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The kids look like they love the water. I can't believe the kids actually got in the water...crazy kids!!

Lisa said...

Thanks a lot, now I am even more anxious for summer then I was before!!!;) Cute pics. The ones of the dog are so funny! And could Grady look any more like his dad?!? Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your dad's carvings, they are so amazing!

Mya said...

Beautiful Pictures - perfect day - Summer is still just not close enough yet!!! SOON - we will find our selves at Lake Michigan hanging out in the sun, watching the kids play together, making sand castles, and havinga picnic. Oh I can smell it!!!
Looking forward to a great summer with you and the kiddo's.

Marie M. said...

Your dad's house looks as fun as ever. Love the leaping dog and the rolled up pant legs. Here's to summer!

Shelly said...

beautiful pictures and you are very lucky to have a place like this to go and make beautiful memories as a family. Here's to more beautiful weather to come!

Jodi said...

love the first on of T...and the dog leaping...and the one of T and grady splashing on the dock. ahhh, the look of summer...cannot wait.

Life is Love said...

Can I call him grandpa too? I want to come and play! And you're right. We don't even have money to pay to vacation at places like that LOL