Wednesday, May 6, 2009


With the kids, job, house and other responsibilities, creativity gets put on the back burner(is often sits next to exercise)

but like all things we want to fit into our lives, I have to prioritize. This art is important to me. Time has to be made for it. Its good for my well-being.
And that is good for for my family!

Last Friday Mya and I met at 101 for their 5-12 crop time. I got a lot done, and even came home and did this one(once the mojo is turned on, its hard to turn it back off)

This is made with my Pink Paislee winnings of a couple weeks ago:)

And these are all ones I finished at the crop...

Wait...I did this one at home too...

Love this one. I did buy most of the Basic Grey Lime Rickey line when at 101. Awesome, uber-colorful, and summer-y.
Now I just need to get some albums (11x8.5) to put these in! Thats what I get for scrapping such an odd size!


Shelly said...

love it Jenn, your creativity amazes and inspires me. Tears filled my eyes reading the one about Summer. What a great Mom you are. Happy Mothers Day!!!

Jodi said...

okay, so since that all day crop at the church, i have been checking at hob lob for the "sideways" late as tuesday...nothing. uuh.

i love the felt flowers in #1...pretty. and grady's angelic and full of wonder. are the letters chipboard? if so, letters or words? is the basic grey stuff from the store? were you doing a lot of shopping? did robert run any great specials for nsd? do tell, do tell!

Lea said...

You're creativity amazes me! I used to have that knack..somewhere in between working 40+ hours a week, keeping up with the house and 2 boys, it got lost. I'm sure one day it will be found soon as I find my living room floor, kitchen table, countertops..etc! HA!
What a WONDERFUL memory lane your kids will be able to walk back down someday!!