Friday, May 22, 2009

stuff and suggestions

Its a bit of nothing today, which is exactly how I like it. Summer has a half day today, and this morning was "walk to school day". Our school received a grant for this, strangely enough. the buses and parent dropped all the kids off at a local park where they fed the entire school breakfast and all the teachers were there in these bright orange t-shirts to walk the kids down the boardwalk to school. Dang, I wish I could have walked past Lake Michigan on my way to school everyday! They even had police escorts(although I have no clue why, part of the grant, I am sure) Very cool and fun too.

Of course I had no camera.

Ah well.

Last soccer game is tomorrow. I am ready to not have schedules to follow. Even if soccer is very relaxed, its just one more thing. I like to keep things very relaxed for the summer. No need to be running all the time. If I wanted to do that, I would have a real job. Then at least all the running would bring some $$ in the house!

In other news..(paper related, sorry, I cannot help myself) If you are scrappy, you must have this.... If you ever scrap with me, you know I live by sketches and get a lot done when I have them. I draw page plans all the time. Waiting in the car at soccer, at the beach in the summer, sitting with the kids outside, yadda, yadda, yadda. sometimes I sketch a layout that I see somewhere, sometimes I completely copy someone elses sketch. Often it is just playing around and balancing out elements.

I have to tell you that I hated the idea of sketches or planning out my layouts in advance. I have always been a wing-it kind of girl in every aspect of life. Sketches are for organized people, not me. But when I tried it, my layouts really started to take on a style. My own style. I will never go back.

The idea book above is so full of ideas, I mean bursting! And while I did happen to win this copy, I would have bought it in an instant. Its worth every penny.

These were of course done with sketches. The first completely out of my head. The second modified from something I saw somewhere...

One more suggestion...a blog/website you must wander if you never have.
This is a very popular site, you will see why. Ree is funny, lives a life like ours, but maybe a bit more interesting:) She does TONS of giveaways. Best recipes in the world. Her love story rivals any book I've read(Black Heels, read it!) and her photography and photoshop tips are amazing and for real people! I cannot say enough good things about this site. Best blogsite I have ever visited.
OK, I am outta here! Enjoy the Holiday weekend. I am promising myself to take lots of pictures:)


Kristin said...

I agree the magazine is wonderful. I bought it last summer and they put it into reprint again a few months later...such a hit!! Sams Club has it at a discounted price.

I agree on pioneerwoman as well. I got some actions from there as well.

Great layouts too!!!

Enjoy your summer of "nothing" :)!

Mandy said...

I think I will have to check out that magazine, maybe a place to start!
I agree..a summer of goes by fast enough. We are trying the summer of nothing too!! Enjoy your time with your kids!

Jodi said...

I, too, have the magazine! {thanks, Kristin} I am not a sketchy person. I have copied layouts but have done nothing with them. I am amazed being around you while you whip out your sketches and get going. I always think, "what a waste of time." All the while you are getting your pages done and I am just awe.

Angi said...

You have to show me your scrap books sometimes. They look so oooo awesome!