Monday, May 11, 2009

This, That, and the Other

Have you done the Home Depot kids workshop day? It is the 1st Saturday of the month and they get to build a project. Jason and Teagen stumbled across it a couple weeks ago where she got to make this:
They have it assembled in kits and give the kids an apron and they receive a pin for ever project they complete. Jason mentioned in passing that he had another daughter at home and they gave him a second kit for her! So they have been working hard building and then painting their wheelbarrow to give me as Mothers Day gifts. They even all took off early Saturday morning to attend the flower planting workshop there so that we could have plants too! And Teagen's poor marigold has been through the wringer. It was dropped by the teacher at the home depot, last night the cat pulled it out of the dirt and we found it spilled all over the table, and then I dropped it before I took this photo! Poor thing!

Last week Summer had an artist reception here:

Its the Hackley building. She was so excited to have her work chosen and displayed. I was a proud mama.

Saturday we went to my cousin's wedding. kinda chilly, but short and sweet. good thing, since we brought the entire gang.

And mothers day.
What a great day really.
Even if my necklace is still not here(long story, for another post)
My family is very good at special days. My husband is super sweet and knows the little things mean a ton.
I woke and came upstairs to a surprise of littles and all their sweet pictures and cards. Summer made me a coupon book for chores that I know she takes very seriously.
And of course my lovely wheelbarrow and flowers.
We left and Jay got my coffee at the bagel shop and we went to the plant nursery. Then it was off to my dads where the guys were making brunch for the ladies!!

And tractor rides, of course.

The guys did great! My dad makes killer omelets, and Jason is the king of french toast.
Gary got there late, so he had clean up duty. Which was nice because it kept Cindy (mostly) out of the kitchen.

You may recall that Summer was actually born on Mothers Day 8 years ago! She got to celebrate a bit early when Aunt Rae brought her gifts.

American Girl stuff!!!

So cute! Its Julie's Barbie Head!
And do you see this skirt? Rachael MADE it. Holy crow it is so adorable.
We packed the gang up and went for a drive to get the kids asleep, and to house shop/dream. Then to Bob and Joan's to drop off some flowers, which turned into staying for a wonderful dinner and hiking around their property hunting for the golf balls that grandpa hits into the woods. They are worth a quarter!
Then home again where I realized that I left my purse at my dads and Jason had to go grocery shopping and the little ones needed baths.
We were exhausted.
Jason rubbed my back.
I didnt have to change a poopy diaper. Or deal with hissy fits.
I got all the love and the fun.
It was a wonderful day.


Mandy said...

We love Home Depot! Mike and Ryan go all the time...even better Lowe's same thing, but in my opinion they build better things, and it's 2x a month! Ryan loves it, and now Madison is starting to love it too! Check out Lowe's I am sure the kids would love it! Sounds like you had a great mother's day! You deserve it! Happy Mother's Day Jen!!

Kristin said...

Happy Mother's Day ( a little late!). I am sorry that you did not get your necklace in time, but am very happy that everything else was great!!! Good to catch up with you and know everything is going good.

Never been to these classes, but SO WANT TO CHECK THEM OUT!!! Too fun!!!

Kim :) said...

Happy Mothers Day yesterday :) Glad you're doing good. We need to get together with the kids and catch up soon. Isn't Shelly coming up soon??

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

Oh, what a great day you all had! I love the aprons and how cool that they can "earn" pins! That is really special. I am glad that you had a wonderful day of pampering, spoiling and rest... you deserve it!
Oh, and say Congrats to Summer for having her artwork displayed at the Hackley building - so cool!

Stefanie said...

Teagen looks so proud of what she made you... so sweet! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Shelly said...

So glad that you were spoiled for Mothers day, you deserve it!! The home depot thing sounds pretty cool. Beautiful pictures as always. Happy Mothers Day Jenn.

Jodi said...

I was tired just reading your post. Tons of fun. I love Mother's Day. It is the best day in the world.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear your mothers day was so great! We will have to try out the home depot/lowes workshops, very cool. I laughed at the story about the marigold, that so would of happened at our house too!!