Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Soccer Girl

Her Second game was Saturday at 9am. But we had to be there at 7:30ish for team pics.
Anyone else have crazy wind?? WOW.
So happy that Jason stayed behind with the little kids. It would have been whine city out there. I did something weird with the first games pictures and they wont load onto blogger. Which was actually fine because she was SO much more into the game this time around. She tends to hang back and let the other kids take the kicks, but Saturday she had some really great blocks, and even took the ball down the field a couple times:)

We lost, but in our defense, our team is 6 or sometimes 7 players(depends on if one kids decides to show) this was a full team we were up against! Our kids were so tired.

My best laughs were watching her on the sideline. Cheering and dancing, trying to stay warm.
I always think of her as being such a big girl(as compared to her sis and bro) but really she's still so small and young.
And sweet:)


Mandy said...

Summer is so cute and looks so little out there! You did a great job with the pictures..I have one heck of a time taking action pictures! I guess when my kids start playing I will have to hire you or Kristin to take the pics!!

Kristin said...

Isn't it crazy what a year does? My crazies actually get soccer and WANT to much better on the mom!!! Great pictures of a great kid!!! And yes, BEYOND windy on Saturday!!

Shelly said...

Summer even looks like a true soccer player, great pics!

Angi said...

These are great shots!! And love your new song. I need to get on her more. When I finally do you have so much for me to read! LOL