Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. Join me in standing outdoors for any length of time and soaking up a bit of sunshine.
2. Put a little COFFEE in your day! You can thank me later.
3. Happiness is a choice.
4. I am easily tricked and confused. It keeps things interesting.
5. I'm waiting for the dish washer to finish so that I can unload it and then reload it. That's a lot of dishes!
6. the cheeks of a little one are hard to resist.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to and the only reason I am looking forward to it is that I don't have to be back there until next Friday, tomorrow my plans include soccer game and house stuff, maybe a ride out to look at some property, and Sunday, I want to get crafty or work on some house projects. last night I bought a huge awesome mirror at TJ maxx for $20!! score! Its going in the dining room(finally getting around to taking down the houses for a while) along with some other things. I am still a bit cluttery, that will never change:)


I had a horrible dream about my husband last night. Usually this statement would be something like I dreamed that he cheated on me or blah blah blah and then I cannot help but to be a bit angry with him for the day. He has done the same about me:) We are funny that way. We can totally laugh about it, make tons of jokes, but that yucky feeling hangs on. My dream last night was that he was dying. HORRIBLE. And weird because we were in some sort of class together and there was this feeling of time running out. Of course there was more, but this is all I know how to put into words. So today I feel especially appreciative and loving towards him. He'll probably wonder whats gotten into me!

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Kristin said...

YUCK!!! I hate dreams like that! Appreciate him a little more...give him a little extra lovin'. I think bad dreams are totally a reason for the girls to go out to dinner. What do you think:)?

I do think it is funny that you get mad at each other over dreams...that is such a Krissy/Jimmy thing to do.