Monday, April 13, 2009

I am trying...

I was all ready this morning, with a big cuppa coffee, to dig into this computer and set picasa back up and start posting with pics again. Jason "cleaned" the computer, erasing everything. Luckily I keep all my photos on my computer as well as snapfish. And since most of my favorites make it to blog posts, they are also forever stored on blogger.

Anyway, so I went to "dive" in, and no such luck. Its going to make me crazy. I dont want to buy a new computer, but I am really starting to think thats where we are heading. Even just getting to where I am right now was not as simple as its supposed to be. I know computers dont last forever, but 8 years seems too short. And wasteful. Yet everyone laughs when they hear how old it is.

So I am weighing in. If we do buy another, should we go with a laptop, or keep a desktop? I am leaning toward the laptop mostly because I hate the messy giant computer desk in my dining room. But not sure about actually using the laptop regularly. Seems weird.

Everything is breaking around here. It kinda starts to freak me out. The vaccume is on it last leg (basically at the mercy of my husband ordering a part) and the microwave is being very exciting! occasionally putting on quite a light show when warming something up. basically, there are a few tiny spots inside that have lost paint when I was scrubbing it out. And I wont even get started on Jason's awesome car.
I will take a chance and say that the TV is hanging in there well. I think that its so old it was actually built to last. We have a clothes dryer like that too.
Ah, the good ol days before disposable appliances...

Dont give up on this blog:) I will be back and as good as ever!

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Amber said...

We got a Mac Mini a few months ago and I really like it. It doesn't crash all the time like windows and it is smaller than our monitor! It's actually smaller than our keyboard as well, so it fits nicely in our giant computer hutch.