Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day amongst the butterflies

THIS POST CONTAINS AN UNREASONABLE NUMBER OF PHOTOS. Only proceed if you wish to waste a bunch of time by reliving my Thursday.

Summer was off school yesterday(I believe for Charles Hackley Day. A perk of being in a town basically built by one man, I suppose)

So we went to the Gardens to see the butterflies(whew, made it by 7 days this year!) I try to wait until the weather is decent so that we can spend the good part of the day outdoors in the children's gardens. Last year that bit us in the butt when we made plans to go, and it was the day after then butterflies were done(what does that mean anyway? Do they all just fall and die? do they let them go? Do they turn off the heat? )
Yesterday was nearly perfect.
This is actually not a blurry photo. they seem to have "fog machines" going in that place. Its so warm and tropical. Like a dream.

Grady was well loved by all the seniors in that place. stomping around with his hands on his hips. Oh he is a delight.

Teagen asked to have her photo taken with this "Hairy Tree". Lovely. Too bad I am not a pageant mom type. Look how she stands with her arms so perfect at her side. She could be good. We will have to work on the fake smile though.

They all really like this sculpture. It was called "Mad Mom".
Very funny.
I think you all look like an AT&T commercial. ("More bars in more places..")

can you hear me now?

I hope she ducks...

Can you hear me now?


So it was before lunch and still a bit too cool for water play.
Like that is going to stop anyone.

Teagen is the Tea Party Queen. She did not want to leave this area. I wanted to take the table and benches home.

OH, yeah, Summer got a haircut. We like it, but her hair just does better long. Gets too poofy.

We discovered that Grady has far better climbing skills than previously thought.

I made her hair clip out of scrapbook stash the night before.

LOOK!! I was there too!

Summer is going through a dragon phase. Its funny, because I did too. She is gaga for dragons. I am worried because this could result in a dragon cake for her birthday. I have limits, people.

Jason and his Mini-ME.

Dress up girl found her happy place.

Awe, he's so cute!

Still think so?

I screwed up and all the horse shots look terrible.

Against my better judgement(and for fear of grass stains) I let them climb the hills so that they could roll down. MUCH steeper than they appear in photos. Jason went up when we realized that Grady was nearly falling backward with each step.

Lucky for me, because I got this shot...

Rollin Rollin Rollin...

So who has a great grass stain remover tip?

Post- rolling- hair.

I think this is my favorite sculpture there.
I have a thing for type.

And its huge!
Great day. Super fun to have Jason and Summer home on a Thursday and to be able to go do something so fun so close by. And to spend the day in the sunshine, what a dream. It didn't rain until we were almost home.

But I can't lie. Days like this really take it outa ya;)


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

so sweet...Jenn!
GREAT pictures! It looks like it was a great family outing. I love that same sculpture, it is my favorite too!
Have a happy (healthy) and warm weekend!

Lea said... I HAVE to go there!! We keep talking about it, and amongst the other hundred things we end up doing, we run out of time. Guess we better make a date and just do it!!

Shelly said...

looks like you had a great family fun time, we are yet to make it there, its NOT on Johns to do list, I have a hard enough time getting him to the zoo once a year! I LOVE that you let them climb and roll down the hill despite grass stains!!!

Kristin said...

FANTASTIC. PHOTOS. I really loved them all. It is such a cool captured it very well!!! I hope you guys had as muich fun as the pictures looked like you did:)!

Most important, I am glad that you actually made it this year!!!!!