Friday, April 3, 2009

I can actually say we are about 90 percent back to normal around here. I even put all the medicines and thermometer away. The only thing lingering is the annoying cough that keeps me from sleeping. But I am sure it's going to be gone soon.

We have lots of fun in store for our snowy spring break. A birthday party, going to Crazy Bounce with a big group of friends, Aunt Julie and her girls are going to visit, fun Easter activities, and on Friday a bunch of us are going out for dinner and a movie!! Throw in soccer pratices, some kid movies,and a couple nights of work, and I would say it's pretty action packed! I'm ready. We have spent too much time on the couches lately. If only the weather would perk up.

Sorry about the lack of communication on the possible Denmark trip. Jason's company wants him to have a "global view". That means shipping him across the world to see their other plants. Still waiting to see if there is a delay(hope so!)and then I will go next year with him. Denmark is actually a really cool place. Small and surrounded by the ocean. And in the summer, they only have a couple hours of darkness. Even if it's not my first choice for a vacation, I would still love to go explore and be there with him.

My babes are ready for a nap, so I'm outa here for now.

Happy weekend!


Theresa said...

glad to hear you are back up and around! sounds like your week is just as packed as mine...our first soccer games are Saturday the 11th. can't wait to bounce on Tuesday and Dinner and a movie at the end of the week! See ya next week! Happy Spring Break!

Shelly said...

so glad to hear that you and everyone else are finally feeling better. Have a wonderful spring break!

Melissa O. said...

Hey there - i was looking to be impressed with your easter egg art. Hope your computer gets fixed soon!