Sunday, September 14, 2008

It got me thinking...

I was just on a blog talking about this brand new kit club called Kenner Road. ( They are asking for stories about the road where you grew up and I realized that that is such a loaded question!

I could tell about 2nd Ave. in West Olive where I, at 6 years old, once stepped directly on top of a giant Blue Racer stretched across the drive way. And trying to learn to ride a bike on a dirt road.

Or I could tell stories of Eilers Dr. and all the fun Lisa and I used to have going between each others houses and the time in the 6th or 7th grade when we were almost kidnapped on the way to the bus stop( Lisa, you have to remember that creepy car waiting for us. Yikes!)

Oh and what about all the times I got stuck in the snow once we moved out to Crystal Lake? The giant 1977 Caprice Classic just couldn't make it up some of those hills! I bet Marie remembers some of the trouble we tried to get into back in 95.

From there, when I was 19, Jason and I had our place on Mears, which was such a crack house, but had the best front porch for hanging out. The lousey landloard left a refrigerator on that porch( can you say a little unsafe?) we rewarded him by leaving a full size turkey to rot in there. (Hey, we were really young)

The next house we rented was at the end of a cul-de-sac and was quite quiet, but there is that story of coming home to find a strange dog sitting on the couch that let himself in through the back door!

While we won't be in this same house for too many more years, I know lots of fun and crazy memories will come from this old house on this old street. I am so excited to hear what my kids remember. Its why we do the things we do, isn't it? for the memories?

So go check out Kenner Road. And start reminiscing. And then make some stuff.


Gigi said...

omgosh...that turkey trick! so funny (& must have been horrendous!!)

great memories!! thanks for sharing them :)

Jodi said...

I'll check out the site-thanks. I have to apologize...I just realized how similar our headers look on our blogs. If I really meant to copy, I would've spent more time masking that fact!! So sorry to "steal" your creativity!!

Mandy said...

ahhh the 1977 caprice...."THE BOAT" oh do I remember that car!! Too bad you didn't keep it so Summer could have a nice safe car to drive! LMAO

Marie said...

I remember the caprice - 3 people could ride in the FRONT comfortably!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Oh man the Caprice. If that dos'nt bring back many memories!! That thing was huge. Your dad sure took someones advise when they told him the bigger the car the safer!! LOL!=) I remember getting stuck in your driveway on Crystal, but we got pretty good at getting up after a while. I remember when we had some guy I was dating over to your house(can't even remember his name!) and when he went to leave he could'nt get up your driveway and we just looked out your bedroom window laughing and laughing!
I had'nt thought about our near kidnapping experience in a while. How scary, good thing both of us were smart enough not to wait at the bus stop that morning! Good times Jenn!! (Well except the kidnapping part!)

Shelly said...

I love reminiscing about old times. You, Lisa and and I sure sure did laugh a lot back then. I think back of the 2 track days and when Lisa had her windshield smashed by a crazy guy . Fun times.... Thanks for sharing!!!