Thursday, September 4, 2008

Got Tye-Dye?

We do!!
Oh yes its that time of year again. We hate rushing summer along but we just cant wait for WHEATLAND! This is our Summer Jaye at her 1st Wheatland ( her 1st one outside of my womb, anyway) in 2003.
We are not bringing any kids this year, no one in our group is! Yahoo! But then we all just talk about our kids a lot anyway...

So Jason already left with the camper today to basically get in line. Gates open at 9am Friday. He camps with some friends at a sheep farm overnight so that they can get right in . I am going up with "My Girls" Friday am and we will spend the 1st part of the day in line. It is one of my favorite parts of Wheatland. Its so fun. We get a little crazy with the pudding shots and kinda wander around a bit. Also, Wheatland is the friendliest place on EARTH! 15,000 really nice people. I have no clue where they come from, but I have never seen a fight or even heard a rude comment. I think we have gone 8 times. Everywhere you go people just say,"Happy Wheatland!". And its Hippy Heaven. Even for people like me who are not really hippies(but kinda always wished I was, minus the body hair and lack of showering) it is just so fun. We camp with a pretty big group and it is the most eclectic group ever. LOVE IT.

Dropped my kids off with my MIL tonight. So kinda lonely around here. Had to sneak out of her house when Grady wasn't looking so he wouldn't throw a fit. I hate not saying good-bye.

Ughh. Kels gonna be here at 7:40am gotta go to bed... Hope it stops raining soon!

OK, so I'll be back Monday!
Happy Wheatland!

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Shelly said...

have a great time Jen, I have always heard nothing but good things about Wheatland.