Friday, September 19, 2008

Honesty IS the Best Policy

So a bit ago I placed an order with a online scrapbook kit club called The Scarlet Lime. I only spent $15 on a mini kit full of some stuff. Last Saturday my box from the arrived aong with ANOTHER box with the following:
We are talking almost $40 worth of (really fabulous) stuff plus at least another $7 in shipping! There were 4 acrylic stamps and some of the newest papers in the industry. SO I'm like, crap, did I get charged for all this? Nope. I go to the blog to see if I won some RAK or something. Nope. Double crap. I either keep it and live with the guilt or email the company and send it back. I really wanted to keep it. Really, really. But by Monday, I decided I couldnt keep it. I did not pay for it or win it. It wasnt mine. Anything made from it would be tarnished with guilt. I email the company. The Owner email back.

"Hey girl!
No worries...we realized the mistake later that day, sorry!
Please keep the kits and enjoy them!
Thank you for your ROCK!

I was SO happy! I get to enjoy them and be guilt free! Yippee!

BTW- I am going to Scrapbook 101 next Friday night for their $5 crop. Anyone else wanna go?

So, I have been on this computer too long, I've got to go. I have laundry and dishes and I am meeting Mya and her gang later tonight for some fun. Have a great weekend! Its gonna be BEAUTIFUL!


Kristin said...

See, honesty is the best policy!!! I think you are right, you would have never been "happy" with anything you did with the "stolen" items. Now, guilt free and "blessed" with some GREAT stuff. Have fun and PLEASE show us the "goods" when done!!!

Jodi said...

You go, girl! Thanks for the chalk tip. I am going to check it out right now. FYI...the lumber WAS for the bed. I was going to turn it into a boyish day bed. Now I am going to take my mother's advice and build "cubes" for either end so Kyle has a place for his little clock and lamp. It'll take me longer and I am a quick fix kind of gal so I tried to get around it all.

rachael said...

I would love to go to Scrapbook 101 for a crop. I am dying to do my mini album I bought at the scrapbook convention. I'll have to see what I can would be fun to get a group of us to go!

Mya said...

Love the kits. I am starting to feel guilty about my situation after reading your post. Ut oh - now what do I do.
Thanks for the playdate lastnight. IT was fun! I will see you Friday for our scrappin night. Can't wait.

Theresa said...

Way to be Honest!!! I would have done the same thing without a doubt!!! Looks like you have some fun stuff to work with!!! I have so much stuff I just don't know where to start...!