Monday, September 8, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust...

My favorite Wheatland ever. I think I say that every year. But this was so good. Drama-free. Perfect temps (a bit cold at night)The best music I have ever caught here(can ya hear my latest Ragbird downloads? Well, its 100 times better live!)
So here is the abbreviated version...but its still pretty long:) Friday morning in line. A traditional feet pic. I'm on the bottom. Notice I have my pant legs rolled and I had to scrap the mud off my feet. I had just returned from a adventure in the woods looking for a safe place to pee. Yikes! I was the 1st, but not the last;)
Leslie hanging on our window.
Lovely wildflowers on the side of the dirt road we wait on.
Mya and Les jammin' to...

Yeah, once we got to the dirt road, we had the luxury of corn fields for bathroom breaks. Less chance of encountering Poison Ivy. I busted Mya on her way out.

Kel and Mya
The only pic I got of the line. We are talking cars for MILES. Lined up 2 different directions. This is the longest we have ever waited. We got there about 10:30am(I think) and didn't roll into camp until 3:30. I felt so bad for the people in front of us and behind us who all had a bunch of little kids. But they all seemed to do OK. We were fine, full coolers and over 70 pudding shots.
This is Paul. Paul camped in the sheep farm overnight with the guys, but needed to get a ticket from Leslie in order to get in. Poor Paul waited on the side of the road near the gate for the whole time! We told him to walk to us and get his ticket, but he just waited. He was pretty happy to see us!
One of many jam sessions...
my baby plays the ukulele-surprisingly sexy...
Dale on top of his "vintage" motor home. "the Green Bean" as we all call it. Dale is removing his shirt for the camera. I am sparing blogland that shot. Melissa, you'll get it in an email soon.

An attempt at the peace sign. I'm on the left, in the back with the wristband and the big ring. We had Paul and Jawall (short for Jason Wall, btw) directing and taking the pictures. You guys would not believe the number of armpit and boob shots Paul took with my camera! Again, I am sparing Blogland...
Down at main stage. This was just a random group musicians playing in front of the food vendors. All food vendors are for good causes, not just typical carnies. Jason did his share and ate 3 pasties. He wanted more, but I had to cut him off.
An artist booth most of us girls look forward to every year. Christine Dobbler creates some of the cutest dresses and accessories ever. Very expensive. Teagen has 2 dresses that came from Mya's little girl. I have bought purses in the past, and this year I got me and each of the girls super-cute headbands.
Another fav of mine and Jason. This guy makes all kinds of art out of trash. If you have been to our house you may have seen our aluminum can fish hanging in the kitchen. We got him last year. I fell in love with this owl. He is made from canning jar lids and his feet are forks. Maybe next year...(If I could fine a place to put such a thing!)
We also bought some hand made soap and candles and a dress for Summer made by a 14 year old girl. So much great art.

Saturday we always have chili night. We had 4 kinds this year. So So good.
We also try to take a lot of pictures because its the only time we have everyone in one place. That's Connie and Randy.
This is my chili plate...

Dale and Melissa. They have 3 little girls but this weekend, the uke was their only baby;)
I am a lover of self portraits. Me and Kel.
Mya and Jason.
Not a couple but both lovers of the floppy hat, Mary and Paul.

Most of our group! I so adore these people. Where is Scott and Amy?
The silliness begins. Paul doing a "keg stand" Not really a keg(its Mya's drink)
Jaywall's got a little Captain in him.
Jason and Paul. You wouldn't believe what Jason went through in order to make that tiny hat fit his head.
The Irish theme is in honor of AK(on the left) her birthday is next week and she was supposed to be in Ireland, so we brought it to her instead(ya know, tacky style) That's her kids, Tara and Jeremiah, with her. Tara lives in Cali, but always comes home for Wheatland.

Mel, Kel, Les, Mya and me...
Still love the self portrait...
This is the "Pines". Tent only camping that we walk through to get to everywhere else. There is always something interesting going on in the Pines. There is even a tiny church. Our friends Mike and Jackie got married there 8 years ago.
Main stage at night.
The Refugees. They were awesome, funny, good. But we were frozen and tired by the end of their show. Went back to camp. Kel went to bed. hung out and jammed a bit and then decided to wander with Dale and Melissa for a while to Cajun Dance. I had already done my annual one-time-around at Cajun dancing and they were packed. Not my favorite thing. Think a giant, rotating mosh pit. Less violent, but still not a comfortable situation. It must have been like 12:30am. Dale and Mel jumped in, but Jason and I went looking for people at 2nd stage. Found the whole group and danced to the Ragbirds until they finished! We all went back to camp and played more music until 2am(?) This was the largest group we have ever had make it that late!

This is "Ma and Pa Wheatland" Actually its Mike and Jackie, but they are the ones who introduced most of us to the festival. They have been coming FOREVER. They are the ones who got married here the 1st year Jason and I attended. Jackie is Kelly's mom.
Melissa brought these sunflowers.
Rows and rows of cars and campers. At least 15,000 people come to this festival.

So another year gone by. Our true end of summer. I'm sad, for sure. But there is lots good to come for the Fall and yes, even the Winter. And I say that its never too early to start planning for next year. We are always looking for a few "Wheaties"(1st time attenders) so if your interested in a good time......:)


Theresa said...

WOW...Looks like fun!!! It is always fun to see how everyone spends their summer and time away from home! Glad you had a great time!

Mandy said...

looks like you guys had a great time!! Love all the pictures! So how many more times can you go before you become an official "Hippie"?? You could totally pull off the hippie look!!!

Lori said...

It looks like you both had a blast. What a good way to end the summer!

Shelly said...

what a fun time and a great end to summer. lucky you!!!

Mya said...

What an awesome post. I envy you - you always manage to keep up on your posts. I am way behind. I love all the pictures too. We had way too much fun this year. I can't wait for next year. BTW how did you do that to Mike & Jackie's picture. I am in love with it. I want to make a copy of it.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

What a great time and a good escape from the busy everyday world!! Glad you guys had such a great time.

Anonymous said...

After viewing your Wheatland blog I feel like I went back to Pierce Road... but really I'm in Big Rapids selling pharmaceuticals. Thanks for the brief break from reality.

Jenn, your words and view on marriage is amazing, refreshing and honest. You and Jason have an amazing relationship. That's what I'm still holding out for. You two give me hope that my stubborn ol self can be happily ever after some day. Happy Anniversary!


Melissa said...

The green bean wants royalties.