Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can debate all day, people

As for comments for and against the flu vaccine- I do not claim to know everything on this, but I have been doing an enormous amout of research on it lately and this is what I know....

Kids vaccinated for FLU will often only get sniffles and such instead of the full blown influenza. It lessens the severity and changes the symptoms. And of course not every case of the sniffles and/or coughing is the flu, every kid out there gets a couple of viruses each year. My experience with the real FLU(we are not talking about the puking bug either, that is NOT flu like a lot of people think) is like the worst cold in the world, and you can be totally out of commission for a couple weeks. It is BAD.

Also I've just read that out of the last 20 years, the flu vaccine has been off only 4 times. Last year was one of those times.I think that is really great odds. We have done it every year so far. I started getting them way back when I worked at the Credit Union. I even got them when I was pregnant. To be honest, I wasn't going to do it this year for no other reason than that its just not fun. But I also read that this years vaccine is expected to be an even better match than ever before. And now they are offering the nasal one for the bigger kids. Don't know if that would be easier or more difficult yet, but I'm game.

In my experience, lots of kids are sent to school and daycare unbelievably ill. Its unavoidable and it sucks. I Seriously have felt the need to shower after attending class parties with a third of the class coughing all over the place. Last year one of Summer's classmates was sleeping at his desk at the Halloween party. Sleeping during a roaring party complete with music and games. This kid was So sick. Labored breathing, and I am certain he had a high fever. his mom was a bus driver and was on the high school route, so he was stuck there. I keep Summer home probably more than need be, but I am in a position right now where I can. I am sure that will change at some point.

I guess my standings on the Flu shot are not too much different than general vaccines. Especially for the youngest ones who would have the hardest time fighting the virus. Its there, its safe, it could in the long run make life much easier and less stressful. I do,however, feel like its completely optional. Since its administered each year, I expect it to keep my kids safe from those who are sick during that flu season and don't rely on others to keep my kids healthy.

I happen to think this discussion is great! I love seeing all the opinions and am so happy to know you all vaccinate(to some degree). But I want everyone to feel safe and not attacked for their passionate decisions. I have so much respect for anyone commenting with their feeling!

So who wants to talk about the HVP vaccine for girls before they reach sexual maturity? Now there's a good one:)


Mandy said...

As for the flu shot, I get it every year, even when I was pregnant. My kids also get the flu shot. Last year Madison could not get one, so we(mike and I) were strongly urged to get one, so we did. Ryan was going to get one anyways. Well guess what...we got the flu. Like you said not the puking flu. Madison was down for 2 weeks, ryan for 2.5 weeks, and I was out of it for 2 weeks. Mike was the only one who did not get it! It sucks being sick and having to take care of 2 very sick kids. (who didn't sleep at night)Will this stop me from getting it this way. Like Jenny said last year, they did get the wrong strand, but it could have been a lot worse. I need to keep myself well, so I can take care of my kids. I will do anything I can to make sure my kids are safe and well...If I don't then who will.

Kristin said...

I too think that it is GREAT to have you opinion on such things and I want everyone to know that I know lots of GREAT moms who do not give their child(ren) the flu shot and I still think they are GREAT moms! It is an optional choice.
When the twins were little, Isaac was sick ALL the time. He ended up getting tubes in his ears at 10 months which for the record was HEAVEN SENT!!!! Anyway, the flu shot was not an option ( I guess to be technical I could have chose not to do what the doctors said) it was something I had to do. I guess I have had it in my mind since. If it is safe to do (an encouraged!) while pregnant and safe for a little one, why not continue with it.
As far as my saying "those" mom's. I put in it in " " for a reason. What mom who has sick kids, not feeling well herself, lacking in much needed sleep would not curse anyone? I by no means meant anything else by it, just an opinion. Right or wrong? I think that varies on each individual person/family/situation.
I do like that everyone has an opinion and is not afrraid to voice it...way to go people!!!
And yes, I plan on having my girls get the HVP vaccine. I will research it more (when the times comes), but again, I trust my doctor and cervical cancer is not something they check with an annual exam and generally cervical cancer does not show sign until it is in later stages. My Grandmother passed away from cervival cancer (after fighting breast cancer twice!) it is not something I want for my children.

Shelly said...

The HPV vaccine is still a bit tough for me to say a yes or a no too. I have heard so many things good and bad about it, I guess when the time comes I will have to research it more and talk it over with the girl's doctor, my main worry is that it has not been out for to long and there may be even more side affects from the vaccine for them in the long run. To Kristin thanks for clarifying what you meant in your comment, I think many of us took it the wrong way!!!

Jodi said...

I have never received a FLU vaccine, nor have my boys. I am certainly NOT against it. Maybe my decision has stemmed from pure laziness..?? That would be a bad choice. Either way, I believe vaccines should be mandatory for children. Again, diseases are here that we thought were long gone because of the lack of vaccinated children. (my opinion only??)

I will shout AMEN that I don't have to worry about the HPV vaccine. (go boys) but I believe I would choose to have it administered. Way too much to worry about out there. It is hard enough on moms (parents) to do their best to take care of their children. I will say that we should be thankful that we have all these options available for the health of our children.