Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is 31

Whats the big deal? I personally am loving my 30s. (I know I'm not that far in, but still) I feel more grounded, have a bit more direction, have a LOT more patients. Basically I know who I am and who I am not. But I am still open to new things and experiences. I've learned so much but still realize that there is SO. MUCH.MORE. I think my priorities are in order(finally). I am a wife but not just a wife. I am a Mom, but there is still a lot more going on in here. It lies a bit dormant for now, but i am still here. As the kids get older I hope to continue to find balance.
I was telling Rachael yesterday that birthdays are a much better time for resolutions than New Years. Honestly I am so drained after the holidays that I cannot focus on starting positive changes. But in July, I can actually put a little thought into it. So I am going with a couple words that sum up what I want in my life. I want to be more AWARE. Quit going through the motions and actually take in all that is good around me. Not take it for granted. Want to be aware of what goes into my body. Seriously,how may cans of diet Pepsi do I really need to get through the day? and yes, I did steal 1/2 of Grady's fries in his Happy Meal yesterday. But I never really thought about it. It comes down to never knowing how much longer we will be here so I want to live without regrets. Joy. another word to live by this year. I will be watching for it in simple things. i hope to find it at those time when my brain says it can't be there but my heart knows different. I want to create joy.

So, I think my new outlook on life is sending some good karma my way because look at what I got for my birthday from my fabulous hubby....

Oh my. Its so lovely. I think I am going to name her. I have much to learn, that's for sure. The kids got me a new office chair for my studio(leather so that the cat hair wont stick!) We went to El Burrito for dinner with my family and I had all these giant gifts at the table! My Dad and Cindy gave me the pro paper trimmer that I've been drooling over(sorry, non-paper people will never understand this need)and Rachael went way overboard. She found these 2 enormous glass apothecary jars a little scrapbook goodie and she made me a stunning bracelet. I will post a pic later because I cannot describe how amazing it is. She has been doing soldering in her "spare"time and literally made every component on it. I love love love it. Dinner was wonderful(as always) and I ordered a medium margarita (there was nothing medium about it) and then they brought me another one for a penny! Yikes. I guess I am a bit entertaining in that state.
The past year was so great and just flew by. I don't expect anything less for this next year. I think its going to be even better. I know it is.


Mandy said...

Beautiful post Jennie! Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was wonderful!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend. I love your idea about resolutions on your birthday. I think that is a perfect time to reflect back to look ahead with such promise of a new day. I hope your day was terrific.
For the record, you create joy in my life:)!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Jodi said...

Wow. stunning. There isn't much to say or do after reading that, except to stop. And think.

The Pro Paper Trimmer, eh? Is that that one with the light featured on TV? Fun stuff.

Fancy gadget you got there, from your hubby. I don't even know what it is! I see the headphones and ASSUME it is an i-pod or something but it looks like a phone I just saw, so...??

You know, it isn't often you meet someone truly amazing and awe inspiring, but when you do, it almost takes your breath away as you attempt to process it all and take it all in. Jennie, I think you are an amazing person. You are truly inspiring. You are a wealth of talent. You have so much to say and I sit on the edge of my chair in anticipation for the next bit of info to come out of you. Wow. Thanks for sharing pieces of yourself. You really make the world a better place. That sounds so cheesy but it is sooo meant to NOT be! Happy Birthday!

Rachael said...

Happy birthday sista, I hope it was everything you deserve. Thanks for entertaining us at dinner yesterday, you Margarita Momma you!

Jammie said...

Happy B-Day Jen. Glad you got spoiled. You deserve it! Big 30 was last week and pig roast this weekend for me. Hope it doesn't rain. I agree with resolutions.
I never did find out what you were doing now that you quit your job. Are you working out of home now?
Being a mom is full time job enough. Have a good weekend.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

What a totally amazing and inspiring post Jenn!! Thanks for opening up your mind, heart and soul and allowing others to be truely touched by your words and thoughts. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful birthday!
<3 Lisa

Butcher Bradley said...

Wonderful reindeer.