Monday, July 28, 2008

Some of our camping gang

This is Colby(Mya's middle child) pushing Grady. Grady worshipped her "big" boys!
The bike Parade was on Friday night. There were like 100 kids in it. Pretty cool.
This is Mya's hubby, Jason. When you call for Jason around camp you get two responses. I also have the same situation with Summer. Dale and Melissa's youngest is named Sumer too. but we just call them Big Summer and Little Summer. We cant do that with the guys. It would just be rude!
Dale and Melissa. We alway have so much fun with you guys!
And Miss Chaley. Mya and Jason's youngest. Her and Teagen became fast BFF. So sweet. They played for hours without arguing at all. Teagen misses her already!

I really didnt take all the pics I wanted. That kinda bums me out, but I also didnt want my camera attached to me at all times that week. There is nothing of me or Mya and not even my husband! Oh well, still love what I got!

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