Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great Wolf

The Deal or No Deal video game in the Arcade was a blast! Summer won 150 tickets!
Jason agreed to some of the ridiculous tourist traps there, including the airbrush tattoos. The girls felt SO special! This is Teagen's tiny foot.
And here they are in their cute little bunks.
I am certain I have never spent so much time in the water in my life. I still smell the chlorine. Its so funny to me that kids never want to get out. Not even long enough to eat a little something or get a drink. We pretty much let Summer loose. Just taking turns locating her throughout the park. That was a new and nerve-racking experience for me. I guess its time to let her grow up a little. But my little Teagen stayed by my side the whole time. Only occasionally getting brave enough to inch away on her own. She really grew to love the water over the 2 days.Lost some of her fear, which was great.
Summer loved the GIANT bucket that splashed down every 5 minutes. Until she got too close and it totally blew her over and she whacked her head and elbow, hard. She was much more cautious after that. Teagen kept clear of that whole thing.

Oh, did I miss Grady. Dropping him off with Donna had me crying all the way to the expressway. That totally took me by surprise. Not something I tend to have a problem with. But I think I just felt so bad that he was all alone(without a sister) and we were going to go have fun without him. Believe me he had a blast. He got to be the center of attention and was loved on by Gramma and Grampa Kahny(visiting from Cincinnati) too. I am glad he wasn't there. I would be crazy chasing him. And the girls were beyond good. They were amazing. Best little friends.

All in all, so fun. I do have my complaints. Not as clean as I would have expected. Next time we will try Double JJ. And by then I'll be ready to chase after Grady.


Jodi said...

Great pics. Great story. You are much better than I...I still have a tough time letting my boys grow up. I'm convinced they cannot take care of themselves!! In my defense, boys do mature at a much slower pace, but still...

Kristin said...

It looks like you guys had a great time...I am very jeolous! I have been wanting to go there, but kids...big places...water...Ash...TOO MUCH FOR ME! How was Teagen? I don't blame you for leaving Grady. Sometimes the girls need to do "big girl' things. Way to let Summer go...better you than me.

Keep up the great time and memories with the family. Years later you know the girls are still going to be talking about the best week ever!!!
Have fun scrappin. Please post when done!!!!

Shelly said...

My kids love Great Wolf, The last time we were there I let Tyler & Kenzie go together on things and it worked out wonderful, it is so hard letting them grow up and be more independent but I am doing much better with it than I ever expected. Maybe I will feel differently when Hailey gets older being my baby and all. Sounds like you guys had a great time.