Monday, November 26, 2007

A post from Grady

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"sweet, Mom is busy with Teagen so I am gonna smash the keyboard while shes not loking! Then when she catches me I will go straight to the x-mas tree and try to pull the entire thing down! Yeah, then I need to pull Teagen's hair for a bit before I take a nap. Mom, we got any cookies?"


Julie said...

what a go-getter boy you have, Grady boy is such a cutie.

Bummer to hear you were sick...glad you are better.

I am still excited when my kids are home all day from school with me, enjoy.

Shelly said...

Grady is sooo very cute, I miss Tyler being that small, I wish sometimes I could just turn back time.

Kristin said...

Could he be any cuter? Isn't it fun how that third baby is the missing link between Summer and Teagen? Too cute!