Wednesday, November 7, 2007


At Summer's class Halloween party, her teacher approached me while I was speaking with some of the other parents. He started to tell me how Summer was doing in class. He said that at the end of 1st grade the kids are supposed to be reading level 12 books. That is the goal and many kids just don't make it there. In October, Summer has already tested out of level 12 books and can read closer to a 3rd grade level. He goes on to say that in his 30+ years of teaching, Summer is the kind of kid that he sees going on to become Valedictorian and 1st in her graduating class. He is saying this in front of all the other parents! We have heard this before, since pre-school, but never put so bluntly. And never in front of other parents! I was so proud but also so embarrassed. I made some comment about being a house of readers and that being a good influence ...blah,blah,blah...and changed the subject. Ya know, its hard being the parent of an exceptionally bright kid as it is being the parent of a child who struggles. We worry constantly about screwing everything up!!! Should we challenge her, or will too much scare her off. Is letting her watch Sponge Bob killing brain cells? Should we start piano lessons? Spanish? AHHH! She is 6 years old. She loves Art and astronomy and animals. She loves to read to her sister and brother, and writes books. She is nurturing and creative. She is Awesome. Love you girl.

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Shelly said...

That is wonderful about Summer, Kenzie really struggled last year in school and this year she has made a complete turn around so I am thankful. Reading at that level is awesome she must get that from her Mommy!! Love, Shelly