Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily (2010 style) December 1st

*blows dust off the ol blog*

2 years ago, I committed to the December Daily. I was inspired by the great Ali Edwards. Basically, its scrapbooking your holiday with all the traditions, celebrations and goings on. Because I know ME, I blogged each day of December, so that I would have something to refer back to when completing the scrapbook 6 months later(OK-it still not totally done, but that beside the point).

Anyway, since then my art have veered a bit away from the paper arts, so scrapbooking is not on my radar right now. However, I realized that I still have a lot of wonderful memories from that December. I credit the December Daily for reminding me to stop. take a photo. NOW. This moment is worth remembering. Plus, if you have to blog something, you are sure as heck going to try to do more, make the days count. Does that make sense? Its not like every day has to be this huge crafting-cookie baking-decorating extravaganza! Its about watching the Grinch on ABC Family, or plucking a Hershey's Kiss from the Advent calendar.

I will do my very very best to keep up:) Here goes!

December 1st, 2010

The kids were invited to make ornaments for our Credit Unions Christmas tree and here are some cute(cheap) kits I found at Target. Each kit made 2 ornaments so we got to keep one from each kid.
And Summer's:

They are super cute, and totally fool proof. The kids were proud to turn them in for $5 birdy bucks at the CU, and the ladies there just LOVED them!


Jodi said...

LOVE your ornaments...were you at target tuesday? i MIGHT have seen your hair and a super quick glimpse of your's not unlike me to chase you down, but thought it might scare people and since it's holiday time, I was thinking of others. ☺

welcome back!

Kristin said...

Love it!!! thanks again for inspiring me. I am going to stick with it.

Where did you find those ornaments at Target? The kids would love it!!!