Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily 12/6/10 lake effect

After my scary ride home last night, it continued to snow here. I was certain that we were in the running for a snow day.
No luck there(YET).
I don't hate snow. I actually like it, especially in December. By Feb., I've had enough and I am ready for a change. I am better at driving in it, go a fast as I feel comfortable and screw the rest.

I do feel for Jason who has cleared our slope of a driveway for 11 years, mostly by shovel.

Poor Grady doesn't get to go outside for recess in the winter. Too much work and time to get 15 preschoolers bundled up when they are only in school for 3 hours. But goodness know I am not going out in cold! Well, today I did. But so did Jason, because after I took this shot, I was back inside! LOL!

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Kristin said...

At least you went out and took a picture. It is a good start:)!!

I am with you...snow driving stinks!!!