Friday, December 3, 2010

Dember 3rd-back on track (sorta)

Thankfully, after a long night with my little guy(thank you cable TV for all night pre-school cartoons) he's doing better. Never had a fever, just the,ya know, VOMIT. Anyway, I am dead tired, made it through a really cool face painting job, and need to go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful, in a good way:)

Super-cute thing: Summer often begins to feel sick when someone else in the house actually is sick(can't really blame her). So last night she was sure she was ill. I was at work, but she was asking for me(kinda rare, its usually Jason she wants) and Jason was dealing with Grady's messes. Teagen layed with Summer and just talked to her until she felt better. It was so sweet, and Teagen was very proud to be able to take care of her big sister♥


Jodi said...

aww...super sweet little sister...and big sis, too, for the sickness pangs!

hoping grady i feeling better. i hear a stoach virus is going around...might be why kyle was a fool at his church program tonight.

Jodi said...
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