Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10th- Teagen

Tea had a half day today, so with a little push from Jason, I took her to get her hair cut. She has only ever had it trimmed a tiny bit, and anyone who has seen her in the last year or two, knows there was an Amish/Rapunzel thing going on with it. She was ready for a change.

BAM-Instant Teenager(you can see it, can't you? Ugh.) Buts she's adorable.
Rough weekend ahead, overflowing with memories. I am working a lot, which will hopefully prove to be a blessing in keeping my mind occupied. Some things never change, no matter what, however full your life is(and mine is, really!!!) the empty place left behind when we lose someone is forever hollow. Its like I keep waiting for the day when it isn't.
But I know better.


Mandy said...

I will be thinking about you this weekend! Keep on pushin' girl! On the other hand, Teagen's hair looks fabulous!! She looks so grown up!! Can't tell at all that she belongs to you!!! Keep smiling!!

Jodi said...

oh, jennie. i'll be praying for you.

on a plus, OMG! yeah, I think your littlest girl surpassed her big sister...holy grown-up look!!! she looks fab! { this a plus?}

Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable! I am the grandmother of 5, the 6th is due soon and what a pleasure I get out of watching them grow up! Just as you are with your little one. Cherish these moments, for one day you will look back and wish you had them all over again. She is so precious!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog :))