Thursday, July 16, 2009

you need these

I have to share one of my birthday gifts. This is a really cool concept and I have been having fun filling it out. It is what it says it is, your life in list. The illustrations are so funny, it kills me. The first list for you to fill in is" list your past pets and their names. Surprisingly hard! We've had a lot of pets in 32 years!
***side note. This book is not meant for kids. They have a different book for that called My Listography. Which I think Summer needs.

We are journal addicts in this house(ok, well, the girls all are). Summer has more than I can count.

Now this one I've had for a while (2 years at least maybe 3)
Every page is a prompt to do something to the journal. Like "fill this page with stickers from fruit". Or even "bring this book in the shower with you." Someday soon I'll share mine. Its a huge mess and I love it. And like I said, I've been working on it for years, and there is still lots to do in it.

So does anyone else have these books? Click the links to send you to Amazon.

They are especially great for vacation and for sitting in the car waiting for practice to get out or whatever.

OK, we are off to the beach. I might go throw my journal in the lake!

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Jodi said...

Super fun. I have sooo many loose pages of lists and ideas...they are everywhere. I keep buying notbooks that I intend to tab the heck out of so I can keep it all in one place...hasn't happened. I have 50. to Amazon...thanks for the tip.