Friday, July 10, 2009

An Extra Special Ordinary Day

Yesterday my good people, was my birthday. The eternal spoiled brat that I am, I was determined to fully enjoy myself, even if Jay was working and I had to visit the DMV with 3 children to renew my license. I am the point where getting older isn't really fun and exciting, but isn't a day I dread either. I act like the kids and try to do some of my favorite stuff on my day. Like take the kids for coffee(choc milk for them) and meet up at the beach with a few of my besties!!! My kids are always scammin food...
Madison also snacking. She was so funny, the water is pretty cold but she kept on going back, and dragging her mama with her!

Shoveling in popcorn...

Some of Theresa's little people.

Teagen likes to say that she's "taking a tan".
Good luck with that.

Wild man. All our good suits are at my Dad's so Grady was without a rash guard. I made him swim in a shirt to keep a bit of sun off him. He looks delightful.

Hard at work building together.

This guy and his friends got me in trouble...
The kids had a bucket of popcorn and had it all over the place. Some lady came and basically asked me to control my children because the seagulls were going crazy for the popcorn and in her words, she "didn't feel like getting crapped on."
But about 90 seconds later,
She did.
I don't like to get scolded by strangers. It's dreadful.
Seagulls will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Back to the house for naptime and to see Jason. He was supposed to cook, but we ended up ordering The Station for takeout.
I got some amazing and super-fun gifts, and then it was back out again for an icecream sunset.(we stop at one of the 20 icecream shops within the mile and go to the lake to watch the sunset)
It was a fantastic day.

So, by the way, I am 32. still a young-un. Lots to learn. Lots to do.
Lovin' most of it.

I sure do feel like a lucky one.


Mandy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Had a great day with you yesterday...sorry about the psycho lady and her craziness..she should have thanked you for allowing your kids entertain her kid while she laid in the sun and paid no attention to her child. He could have drown and she would have never known!
Glad you had a great day! It's nice to have a day that is all about you and you get to enjoy it too! Again..happy birthday!!

hien k. d. said...

love this post, Jennie! :) sounds like a wonderful, perfect day! love the seagull story, too. ;) and you look beautiful!

Lea said...

Funny story girl! Can you say karma?? ha ha!!
Glad you had a great day..and he pic of you is amazingly beautiful!!

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

My thoughts, exactly - Lea!
Karma has a way of biting people..sounds like that was perfect!
I am so glad that you had a wonderful day at the beach with your friends and family...
Happy Birthday and have a good weekend!

Julie said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday. I'm glad it was a really nice for you.
Can't wait to see you all.
Love Julie

Jodi said...

Did you like my birthday rendition on FB? It was special, just for you.

Looks like a pretty {extra}ordinary day to me...hope you had the best!

Stefanie said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL day! Happy Birthday :)

Melissa Olmsted said...

Hey Jen -
Happy belated birthday young-un!
Melissa O.

Shelly said...

i love all your beach pics Jenn, you look fabulous!!!

Lisa said...

Glad you had a great Birthday Jenn! What better then spending the day relaxing at the beach. I love the picture of you, absolutley glowing and beautiful
Happy Birthday girly!
<3 L