Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Lovin'

It feels kinda like we do the same thing every day and every weekend(at least, its the only times I have a camera) beach, beach and a little more beach! if we are not there, then its boring stuff like cleaning house and catching up on Laundry.

These photos were taken at my Dad's when we were there for my birthday dinner.
My poor jeep is just full of sand. We just cannot get away from it. Might work on that today. What a mess.

Poor Summer gulped too much water and felt sick. She was back in the lake a couple minutes later.

Elephant Boy.

Using a boogie board as a skim board. She really really wants a skim board. I fear the broken bones.

Seconds after this pic was snapped, Grady(you can barely see him with Rachael) biffed it on the stairs and busted his lip. The poor kid has a permanent goose egg on his forehead. A bit clumsy.

Saturday I had to work, and Jason had a golf outing, so the kids went to Brandon and Laura's for two of their kids' birthday parties. I had to get a shot of the girls looking so cute!!
The spent the night with my MIL and we went there for dinner on Sunday to get the kids and visit for a bit.
Jason played a cutthroat game of Candyland with his girls where no one cried!!! A true miracle!

I am totally aware as to how horrible of a blogger I have been this summer. Part of it has been forgetting my camera. Part of it is not spending as much time on the computer or indoors period. But this is a priority to me, so I promise to be better♥


Mandy said...

Great pictures! I love the candyland game picture! So cute! Don't worry about not blogging you are having too much fun, like you are suppose to!! Keep having fun and keep those kids smiling!

Marie M. said...

Don't worry about blogging. Have fun at the beach with your family! Michigan summers are too short - it will be over before you know it and you'll have plenty of cold weather to keep you indoors to blog :())

Lea said...

Wish I could say the reason I haven't blogged lately is because of being at the beach, etc. You guys are really enjoying the summer..that's what it's ALL about!! Awesome pics too!

Kristin said...

As much as I love your updates, I too am glad that you are not updating and that you are enjoying your family and friends (even the chaotic ones:)!) at the beach!!!

It was a FANTASTIC time today. Summer (the girl, not the season:)...well, that too!)is my children's new favorite love. I promise to bring Teagen A LOT of pink cookies nest time I see her:)!!!

Shelly said...

looks like you are enjoying and cherishing every bit of your summer with your family.