Monday, March 9, 2009

Its a Summer kinda day

We are lovin these new tatertot alphas. However, it took me 10 minutes to put together all three kids names. But they couldn't believe it when they saw their plates!
Oh, this one came out really dark. Crud. It was my favorite card that Summer made. Inspired by a pair of jammies.
Her is her group. She only sent out 5 of these. Keeping the rest in an album. Her and Teagen both did the red tulip in their own way which I thought was very creative. Several different mediums going on here. We have marker, acrylic paint, colored pencil and decoupage. I think next time I will limit to one medium. I cut the cards to 2.5x3.5 and used various cardboards. Most of it was packaging or the back board of notebooks. We primed them with white paint to give the girls a clean slate to work with.
On the back she wrote the title, her name and age, and the city,state and year. Easy and fun. I don't know if I posted this before, but they had 900 kids in this swap. We received all our cards we had coming to us. Which often doesn't happen in swaps. If we get one going, I think the important thing is to set a deadline that is not too far ahead in the future. Look for some info later in the week. Open to ANY kid. So feel free to share the info.

I spent Saturday with friends on a road trip to Canton/Novi/Howell. Total blast,but I took not a single photo. Just meant I was living the fun I guess. And Ikea is actually giving me dreams of redecorating. That place is crazy. CRAZY. The funny thing is everyone thought I was going to shop myself right out of fitting in the car, when it was Mandy and Kristin who took home the giant boxes! Summer's class is putting together a giant kitchen gift basket to raffle off during the spring carnival, and I was able to buy a ton of gadgets really cheap. Also got some fun organization for my studio.
All we did was eat and shop. And laugh. a lot. The rain was a bit much for me, but Mandy is the most amazing driver and was always calm. Great time. Thanks girls!

For the record, there were no pinky sightings or dead chickens anywhere to be found...


Kristin said...

That is not true...I saw a glimpse of a dead chicken when I got home!!!! I did spend some money:)!

Thank you for a wonderful time minus the cake conversation:)! Just for you, I think I am going to do another YOU!!!!
What do you think? You can do better than any bakery!!!!

Mandy said...

Thank goodness for no pinky sightings!! Dead chicken on the other hand...still have to check that out! Right Kritin??

The cards look great and it looks like Summer really enjoyed it! Sounds like a great experience!

Jodi said...

What? You didn't shop like Kristin? Doesn't everybody? {bad influence and all}

You can check Andrew's video again...I had it set to private on utube....thought it would be okay on my blog...oops!

Theresa said...

the cards are FUN! looks great! I'll have to get that pic up of you girls...and your SUNGLASSES!!! must have been DREAMING aobut needing them, because that was the last thing we needed that day!

Thanks for the fun!

Shelly said...

love the cards what a neat thing she is participating in. Glad to hear that you ladies had a great time getting away for the day!