Friday, March 20, 2009

Ah, what to do...

My children are spending the weekend with my MIL. We had planned to only have them there Saturday night, as we have plans with 4 other couples for a night of fun. But it just worked out that they could spend the weekend, and now I am clueless as to what to do with all the spare time that we are not changing diapers, cleaning messes and faces, dressing, undressing, preparing food, cleaning up spills, breaking up fights,and finding entertaining stuff to do with the the 7 and under crowd.

What did we do before we had kids?

We went to dinner a LOT.

We used to go to the gym. Ya know, the way you're SUPPOSED to. like more than 5 times a year.

But seriously, what the heck did we do all day?

I think we napped.

I know we slept in.

We are going to watch LOST online.

Maybe a movie, but that never seems to work out for us. We talk too much. And our taste are very different.

Jason doesn't know it, I am taking him out for GOOD coffee and we will probably read the WHOLE paper.

I think we will go grocery shopping.(oh, glamorous)

And we will listen to good music and not watch a single cartoon.

See how I have to actually think about what I am going to do with myself? In reality, if I were alone I have lots I would do. Like shop. Or go make stuff. But since I really want to spend the time with my hubs before he turns 34 (on SUNDAY), those things are not on the schedule. We want to hang together. This chance may not come again for a while(well, hopefully a BIG adventure in JUNE) and we need to take advantage of it.

Even if I do miss those small people terribly every minute;)

Happy weekend, my friends!


Mandy said...

Holy Crap...Jason is old!!! Maybe you will have to change his diaper instead of the kids!! Man I hope he doesn't read you blog!! See ya tomorrow night!!

Lea said...

Isn't it amazing that we can't figure out what life was like bk? (Before kids).
I know usually our boys only stay somewhere if we have plans. To think of what to do "just because"!!
Enjoy - every now and again it's good to remember what it's like to just be the 2 of you.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! Have a fun weekend. Even though you will be missing the littles, you will enjoy every minute of it. See you tomorrow night!

Shelly said...

Enjoy your times with your hubby!!!

hien k. d. said...

hope you had a good weekend, Jen! :) funny, i'm thinking to myself - what do i do with all my time?