Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogger isnt allowing me to post pics today. I don't know why. But I wanted to post the pics of Summer's ATCs. She recieved one from Australia yesterday! so cool. I will post when Bloggger stops being so difficult.

Instead here is 5 for Friday randomness off the top of my head.

1. I just got back from taking the babes to Mcdonalds. I had to also have a happy meal so that there was a crappy toy for Summer when she gets home. I guess thats good portion control for me. But I did order diet coke for mine and Grady's so that I could drink them both. The breaking of the diet pop addiction is not going well.

2.My husband is GOLFING today. I am actually really happy for him because its beautiful out there, and because I will be gone all day tomorrow to the eastside of the state to hit Ikea and some other fun shopping destinations with a few of my besties.

3.I have to watch LOST online tonight because I missed it when attending dinner/gabfest with 2 of the above besties. DONT TELL ME ANYTHING!!!

4.I went to Glamazon for the 1st time this week and got the BEST salon haircut/style ever.I think that the best cuts I have gotten over the years have come from my SIL, Laura,and no salon has managed to measure up to her. But Greg at Glamazon was fab. I spent at least 30 minutes at the shampoo bowl. I could have passed out cold. So so good. After the cut,he flatironed it straighter than straight. I was there for over 2 hours. For a haircut, no color. I admit that I have not washed it yet. I am scared that I will never get it that straight again. I would post a pic, but then you know the issue I am having with blogger...

5. I fought off yet another cold before it it got bad. I swear by zinc/vitamin C (and thanks to you guys for letting me know that I can take a pretty big amount of that)sleep and fluids. I think it could have been bad. I was getting all this congestion and crud Yesterday. But today I feel great:}
Hope you do too, Have a SUPER weekend!


Mandy said...

Since there are no pictures, I will have to say, Jennie's haircut is fabulous! Looked amazing on Wednesday night!! Maybe the Fab Five should check out glamazon for one of our outings!! I am still imagining being at the shampoo bowl for 30 mintues! How wonderful!!

Kristin said...

I use to go to the Glamazon. Jere is also fabulous, but hold onto your wallets...easy to drop $200 on a h/c and color!!! Lovely place and YES JENNIE'S HAIR IS FABULOUS!!!!