Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can you help?

I am a boxtop saving fool. I am pretty sure that Jason is not impressed. I admit to purchasing things because they have a boxtop(as opposed to the store brand) But the class with the most boxtops gets a party some time before the end of the school year, and Summer's class is very close. To be honest, I am surprised that we are not in first place! I have had friends send them to me(thanks Jenny!) and I certainly look for them on everything we buy around here. I send in a ton of them. Must not be many other parents from her class playing along.
So I am asking that if you don't save them for someone else, please send boxtops my way! The school gets a dime for each one. You wouldn't trash a pop can thats worth 10 cents, that how I feel about Boxtops:) And with all the budget cuts, this school needs all the help it can get.
You could help a sweet, long-haired, toothless little girl feel like the class hero:)


Mandy said...

I will get right on that...I will start saving for Summer!

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

I have been keeping an entire drawer full ready to be mailed out! And I have scored some extra value points from the cases we order! I yelled at Kevin the other day for throwing away a Kleenex box with a Box Top on the bottom - now I have him watching to! When do you need the next batch by?

Angi said...

We did these things for years! Look for the packages that have double points on them, usually oversized packages you get at sams